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24 February, 2020
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3. History of Civilization (3.1-3.2)
Written by Messiah   
Thursday, 06 July 2006

3.1    >3500BC / Before Civilizations

There are many definitions of what to include when defining birth of civilization. I agree with those who say it’s when people learned to read and write. The first writing we know about today was created around 5500 years ago. People had lived thousands of years before this, but they then lived like nomads and not much changed between generations. Nomads are people how have no permanent home. Generally, men were hunters and women gathered wild plants. When there were no more animals to hunt or plants to gather, they moved to a new place.

The general term “division of labor” state that people do individual jobs. This marks the birth of society when certain people do certain jobs. Further, when doing the same job over and over again, profession is created. The “division of labor” caused people to depend on each others to survive. When ordinary nomad tribes met and fought against developed tribes with more skilled warriors, they was defeated and killed or possibly merged into the more skilled tribe. As the advanced tribe grow more professions was created and as people understood that their existence was based on their own part within the tribe they also learned its value. Knowledge was passed between generations to secure family existence. The father did teach his son for example. Complicated things demanded some kind of outside storage to be passed. Wall paintings of fishing and hunting techniques evolved into smaller signs and characters to form the first forms of writing. This allowed people to pass more complex knowledge between generations.

A section in the Middle East called “The Fertile Crescent” (extends from the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf) was a rich food-growing area perfect for settling. Mesopotamia which means “between the rivers” (Tigris and Euphrates), was the best farmland in this region. It was in this region the first writing we today know of came about 5500 years ago. This area is today known as Iraq.

- "If I have seen further than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants", Sir Isaac Newton. What he meant was that his accomplishments were possible because he learned from the people who came before him.

3.2    Aborigines / Natives

Aborigines, derived from the Latin: ab origine - "from the origin", are in general the peoples who were the first inhabitants of a land, or with some identified pre-existing or prior association to a land. Traces of aboriginal tribes and settlements are found all over the world, both living today and those who does not exist anymore. Its no use mentions any of them, because there are so many. I must take the opportunity to point out that many of these inhabitants of the old world developed their own structures of life, laws, rights, religions, responsibilities etc. I think we have much to learn from them about the essence of life.

I put a big BUT here, as in our modern world it’s not that uncommon to misunderstand history and build a mental misleading picture of special aboriginal rights to the land were they once lived in. It’s the same with old views of life. We should learn from both and not promote or adopt them as if they would fit into our global society without compromises. Old views of life were made up in the minds of the old world. Today, both rights to land and views of life is not owned by anyone else but all equally. In history tribes, settlements, citizens, countrymen etc died if they claimed such rights from those who were stronger. In our modern society this is called murder and is a crime but by suppressing one does not justify claiming of the other. Today we all must raise claims using politics and opinions. All other path is radical, and must so be treated.

Don’t misinterpretation my view here. I do not justify the history of terror and slaughter against aborigines in history, but I understand our modern society. If we do not work together on equal terms, none of us have a chance to survive.



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