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29 September, 2020
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2. Introduction

2.1    The One dollar bill

One dollar bill

2.1.1    The greatest conspiracy

We have all seen it and most of us have also spent it, but have we really looked at it and/or read what’s on it? Conspiracy theorists worldwide point out the one dollar bill as proof of the existence of the greatest conspiracy ever. I won’t go into details about the conspiracy itself, which goes under the name “NEW WORLD ORDER” and is supposed to be arranged by an old secret society named “Illuminati” and modern “Freemasonry”. If you are interested, you’ll find loads of information about it everywhere on the net. Instead I will aim at the possible existence from another angle and see if I can come to the conclusion that a conspiracy really exist.

2.1.2    A more accurate understanding of the one dollar bill

First let’s take care of the one dollar bill. Its surely is designed with care. Franklin and Jefferson both had strong feelings against religious establishments, but they understood that they couldn’t ignore the importance of religions. Therefore, with their influence, the 1776 seal design (Adopted by congress in 1782) included the Over- (All-) Seeing Eye over the 13 colonies that together were the initial colonies who founded the United States of America. It’s no dought that the eye is a symbol for God. Between at least the 15th and 18th century this was the well known fact. This was most certainly the case even a long time before that period. The eye of God is mentioned several times in the Bible. A few examples are: Psalm 32:8 "I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye”, Psalm 33:18 "Behold, the eye of the LORD is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy." and Ezekiel 20:17 "Nevertheless mine eye spared them from destroying them; neither did I make an end of them in the wilderness”.

The triangle itself is a symbol for the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and the Holy Spirit). This together with the motto “Annuit coeptis”, which is correctly translated to: “He (God) favors our undertaking”, have since adopted been a part of USA’s great seal. All the thirteen’s (Pyramid layers, arrows, etc) are references to the founding colonies, nothing else. The pyramid was also there at the first version of the seal, but why this pyramid? There is no hocus pocus about that either. It was then, as it is today, a known fact that a pyramid is the most safe and solid of all structures. Think of it, all houses have some kind of pyramid layout. The higher, the more pyramid alike. The pyramid itself thereby symbolizes a genuine and solid structure and it is left unfinished to symbolize that there are more colonies to liberate from outside governance. The space between the pyramid and the all-seeing eye symbolizes that God is separated from the states and the “Novus Ordo Seclorum”, means that within this new union all religions are accepted. “In God we trust” was added in 1863 to clear out misunderstandings. How ever, even today misunderstandings are common, mainly because of the great conspiracy and its believers.

2.2    Initial conclusion

2.2.1    Drop the dollar bill, conspiracy theorists!

I say, let’s leave the dollar bill outside conspiracy theories. There is nothing more there to find than genuine values, which combines the whole idea behind the union itself. Values that have expanded the union to over 50 states and even today serve their purposes well. There is no dought that USA by its constitution is the freest and most equal society that exists on our planet today, which of course can seem strange for some readers, but further reading will explain. I say, there is no hidden agenda behind the dollar bill. All the conspiracy stuff pointing out “New World Order” conspiracy could just be flushed down the drain. It does not exist! I leave a “But”, as I think you are an idiot if your interest would end here. The “But” is about “God”. Different people have different definitions about whom or what “God” really is. Faith in “God” can mean many things and my own conclusions about it still are astonishing even for myself.

2.2.2    Are you an idiot?

The word 'idiot' has its origins in the ancient Greek word idi?tēs. The original meaning was: “a private person who is not actively interested in politics”. Today’s meaning of the word is a bit different, but sometimes its fun to point out the original meaning. Especially concerning the subjects that are mentioned later on in this dossier. The easy path is to just don’t care and/or believe the conspiracy theorists. Almost everybody likes to talk negative about government, politicians etc. However, this would make you an idiot according to the ancient meaning of the word and path to enlightenment on this subject is not as fancy or easy as just being negative against leading power. I can almost assure you that many people will begin to dislike you just because your reasoning will become more logic and more based on facts. I’ll let you decide if you are an idiot or not.

2.2.3    No way, this can’t be true… Or…!?

My first impression after reading about the great conspiracy was the same as your own probably was:

- “No way, this can’t be true!”

The working name for this dossier back then was “The Illuminati Dossier”. But after some further digging after needles in numerous haystacks, I came to another more interesting conclusion. I changed the dossier name to “The Enlightenment Dossier”, which at that point felt more appropriate. Today, a few years after my first dive into this work, I would not generally reject the existence of a conspiracy, but I would redirect it and not allow it to be called a “Conspiracy”. The final name of the dossier is now: “The Inevitable Dossier”. Reading further, will make you understand why.

2.2.4    A warning

Weak minds often fall into dark paths in life after reading about conspiracies. The reason is as obvious as it is inevitable. So many things seem so true. Therefore I feel it’s my duty to warn you. However, I feel I can’t give you a specific warning as it is very likely that you instead will use my warnings as guidance, if you are a weak minded individual. Yes, it works like that. If you don’t have own kids yet, you will understand when you have’em. They enlighten themselves using an inevitable pattern. When we warn them from danger, they are dragged to the danger zone as if a giant magnet was placed there. Therefore my only warning will be: If you feel your faith in humanity, the world, the society, the leading elite etc are decreasing; then you really should take some time and reconsider something less complicated for you to be interested in, because you have most certainly fallen into one of many pits of misconceptions.

2.2.5    We have to be enlightened to reangle our view

To be able confront the great conspiracy theory objectively; we’ll have to enlighten us with a number of understandings. So before I make any general conclusions, my initial conclusion is that we need, not only to have knowledge in, but to understand:

  • The history of civilization.
  • The history of Illuminati, Freemasons and other secret societies.
  • Our own individual part in society and the elite who runs it.
  • Yourself and others (enlightenment).
  • Understanding itself as entity (The “light”).
  • The inevitable.

Then are we set to take a closer look at the dollar bill again for a second though. This may be the initial trip of your life, so hold on. Here we go.

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