The Inevitable Dossier
29 September, 2020
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The Dossier
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The Inevitable 'I'
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1. Astract

1.1    Scope

1.1.1    Audience

  • Individuals who seek answers on questions such as: “how the world is structured” and who has come to the conclusion that: “if no further light on the path is in reach, only the path of others remains”.
  • As it traverse thru history, religion, politics, power and our individual part in today’s society. It can be used as educational working material to initiate discussions, arguments and debates, research etc.

1.1.2    Scenario

  • Globalization and technology make us all more aware than ever before.
  • Personal values and knowledge are shared within growing communities.
  • Increasing demands and pressure onto leaders, laws and constitutions.
  • Rumors and made up truths spreads faster than ever before.
  • Conspiracy theories create grass root frustration.
  • Much information available for individuals seeking answers is negative, misleading and destructive.
  • A confrontation against religion, the elite and society itself is building up.

1.1.3    Purpose

  • This dossier serves as a lit torch on the dark path to individual enlightenment. A positive flame of light, were most weak minds only see dark plots and evil intentions.
  • A start point for further and greater interest in the world’s most vital questions.

1.1.4    Reason

  • We owe yesterdays-, today’s- and tomorrows constitutional founders for their courage and thoughtful work, which affect us all each breath we take and which we most often take for granted.
  • We’re all in this together, no matter what you read or what anyone tells you.
  • It was inevitable

1.2    Change History

         Rev  Version    Date             Author     Comment

  1.    1.0          2006.05.19    Messiah   First version
  2.    1.1          2007.05.04    Messiah   Comment below.

The 1.0 version contained parts about a specific 14th century individual and offsprings which was changed after discussions with today living descendants. This was done to ensure that the dossier does not affect any specific individual or family living today.


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