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23 October, 2020
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It’s important to make a difference between you and others, as otherwise you, you integrity and your own view of life would not be important at all. If you think mankind is more important than a rock, then you should treat both the below terms and the dossier contents with respect – although both mankind and the rock is ultimately creations of the same matter.

Read the below sentence a few times:

  • “I define anomos acts as the basic fundament of mankind’s evolution. Their expressions illustrate the importance of the subject in matter.”

With these words I try to simplify the complexity of our species, including your’s, mine and everybody’s part of its evolution. Doing this, which itself is an anomos act, I put myself in the context of the definition and leave you with the responsibility to interpret it. Your reactions to it, as defined, will express the importance and as I do not think of you as a rock, I feel I must begin this dossier with a short list of terms, so that your eventual anomos reactions do NOT affect others.

As a reader of this dossier, you accept these terms:

  • The content of this dossier should be valued as a whole and not as separate parts.
  • As a reader of this dossier one is responsible for own mental and physical reactions against the contents, oneself, others and the society as a whole.
  • This dossier does NOT apply for or favor ANY sort of conspiracies or of revolutionary actions.
  • The contents of the free (non commercial) dossier can not be discussed in commercial media, as it then has been read using commercial eyes. There is/will be a commercial version available.
  • Sharing the free version of the dossier is only allowed in person to person communication. The dossier should not be published or made downloadable anywhere but from this place ( only. It should not be printed as handout’s or shared in public.
  • The discussion forum on Internet was created, both as a place for the readers to illustrate their own viewpoints and as a place to decrease, not increase, frustration and anger by having discussion with others.
  • If you do not apply to the above terms of reading the dossier, you should not read any further.

Before we begin, I first will give you a hint about the depths of contents of this dossier: Someone asked me what question is hardest to answer; the meaning of life or the meaning of death? I was puzzled of my reaction to the latter question as the first one is the one question that normally is asked concerning existential matters. Trying to find out why it seems so normal to search for the meaning of life but unnormal to search for the meaning of death, was my anomos reaction that eventually led to this dossier.
I am far from being a professional writer and all the work with this dossier have been handled outside normal working hours, which has affected my family life a lot, but some things in life just can’t be stopped. This was one of them.

Good luck…


Definition: Anomos, Anomie, Anomy

Were as the meaning of the word “Anarchy” has been heavily discussed thru time, the word “Anomy” has been left almost untouched in the shadows. Derived from Greek, the prefix a-: "without" and nomos: "law", make anomos mean “without law”. However, as the ancient Greeks distinguished between "nomos" (law), and "arché" (starting rule, axiom, and principle), one should not draw a parallel between anomy and anarchy, as anarchy mean without archons (rulers, chiefs, kings). According to me, the meaning of “law”, in the context of anomos, could be compared to the “laws of nature”. Nobody has written these laws, we have learnt that they exist and adapt to them as a common understanding of nature.

The simple definition of anomos actions then would be: “An act that differs from normal behavior” and were normal is defined as: “normal in the present situation and in the minds of those who are involved”. This is complex understanding as it would define for example burglary as normal behavior from a burglar’s point of view.


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