The Inevitable Dossier
29 September, 2020
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The main reason to publish The Inevitable Dossier for online reading is the power of realtime translation using Google translator. If you choose a language other than English in the uppe right corner, you will be able to read the full contents of the Dossier in that language using the Googles realtime translator.


Basic understanding:

  • "What if I told you, that your most precious and fundamental values were controlled by others?  I guess you most likely would doubt it. It's however both true and inevitable."

Dossier context:

  • “Have you ever felt like being that little child who discovered that the Emperor was naked and that there were no new clothes? What if I told you that the Holy Grail contains the answer to why the little child spoke up and you didn’t. This dossier presents a pathway to understanding. You and you alone can decide if you are ready.”


Original title: The Inevitable Dossier (Free Version)
Writer: Roberth “Messiah” Edberg
Editors: Messiah, Tumaz, Madre Mia
Cover art: Madre Mia


All rights reserved including the rights of reproduction in whole or in part in any form - with the exception described in the dossier terms.


© 2006 Roberth “Messiah” Edberg

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