The Inevitable Dossier
29 September, 2020
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The Dossier
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Download The Free (non commercial) version here!

By downloading The free (non commercial) version of the Dossier you accept and understand these terms:

  1. Dossier cover imageThe dossier contents can not be discussed in commercial media, as it then has been read using commercial eyes. There is/will be a commersial version avaliable.
  2. Shareing the free version of the dossier is only allowed in person to person communication (in digital format or on printed paper).
  3. The dossier should not be published or made downloadable anywere but from this place only. It's ok to link to this page using the Dossier cover image.
  4. If you do not apply to the terms of reading the dossier (located inside the dossier), you will not read it.

If you accept the above terms then you are now set to download The Inevitable Dossier. Have an open mind, enjoy your reading and good luck!

Right click here and save it locally.




  • The Dossier size is about 2,7MB, which takes about 5 minutes to download using a standard modem.
  • For best result, use doublesided printing and, if possible, durable paper on the first and the last page.

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