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14 October, 2019
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The Internet is like an ocean of information. It's easy to swin and dive into it, but catching the big fish is something that we all have problems with. We know it's there, but somehow it always seems to keep itself out of reach. Here you have the ability to share News and Articles thru this portal.




To be able to write articles, you first have to apply for a "Author" membership, which of course is free and can be done by anyone. Have in mind that this is not a place to advertise, spread propaganda. Site moderators will review and filter out articles which they don't accept.

Forum Integration!

All articles should include {mos_sb_discuss:8} in the end, as this tag integrates the article with the forums, for further discussions.

WikiPedia Integration!

Please use [[wikitaggs]] on important persons, places and events in articles as this will autocreate hyperlinks towards WikiPedia (The free Encyclopedia) articles.


I have used the alias [[Messiah]] since childhood.

- will display -

I have used the alias Messiah since childhood.


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