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29 September, 2020
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Lets solve the problem of Theodicy
Written by Messiah   
Friday, 16 January 2009

TheodicyLet’s solve the problem of Theodicy

Trying todo this , we must first divide the problem into two parts, because the Christian God differ from the Jewish / Islam God, which will be understood in the second part.

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Part 1:

God = Banana, God = Wheel, God = Spunk.

The above arguments do not work because God is not a Banana, Wheel or a Spunk (whatever that may be). Let’s try this instead:

Banana = Banana, Wheel = Wheel, Spunk = Spunk and here we can also add: God = God

The above arguments do work because 1 = 1 (a symbol can always be defined by itself), but understanding why the below arguments works and differs from the first arguments above is a little harder:

Banana = God, Wheel = God, Spunk = God

Replace the word "God" with the word "Word", then you would be enlightened with understanding of the Jewish and Muslim God. This is the foundation on which the God of Christianity is built on. The Old Testament speaks of the Word being God’s will (testament) and the New Testament speaks of Christ being the Word.

What does this mean? We will find that out if we understand what distinguishes the word “Spunk” from the word “Banana”. Easy, it has not been charged with "life" yet. Spunk is an unpersonified so-called Golem according Jewish tradition. This is the problem that Moses face in his struggle to succeed creating a "Golem" - which is actually about giving a symbol a relationship to nature (reality). Spunk has no such relation, but Banana does. According to tradition then God tells Moses that he can not understand it himself, but if he would argue about it Aaron (his brother) they would understand it together. Words, symbols, etc., is Golems until we use them as representations (abstractions) of reality in communication. "Banana" represents a curved yellow fruit but “Spunk” does not represent anything, that’s why we can’t use it. We can not understand a thing of the world or what is happening in the world without the ability use representations (abstractions). Our own pool of symbols empowered with relations to reality make up our own spirit - our own fraction of God (The combined spirit of all mankind). We as humans are "submissioned to this spirit" (the heart of Islam). The Arab tradition that God has "100 - 1" names, gives a good hint about this. It symbolically means that all the names (words) known is names of God, but the word used as representation for God is NOT, because God is all the words combined.

This solves the omnipotence of Theodicy, since we understand nothing about reality without the abstraction capability.

To break the biblical story of creation, one just have to understand that someone first must have understood the power of abstraction by giving life to the symbols and words that represented things in reality. In practice he or she, "created" the world - as the abstraction of it did not exist before this moment. This may have been related to evolution of the Egyptian symbolism, which would mean that the timeframe of the biblical story of creation would work. But that is another story.

Part 2:

Part 1 included no division between good and evil which is really the problem that Moses face - for what he wants to create was the perfect human, which could be used to judge good from bad. However since no one knows what a perfect Human consist of (What is the basic problem which is inherited from the Egyptians), this was impossible. It is just as difficult as to describe the most perfect banana. The Egyptians understood this and more. They understood that if one would succeeded in this mission – it would only bring chaos and evil as so many would consider the creation (the definition of the perfect human) to be incorrect. The Egyptian myth about “Book of Thoth” speaks more about this and of course you know that the name "Egypt" is one of the world's oldest words which translate into "Home of Ptah's perfect soul." Ptah was the creator in Egyptian mythology, who thereby symbolically keeps the keys to be able to interpret the Egyptian myths. Interestingly, Ptah also is spelt Peteh which brings thoughts about were the character “St Peter” derives from.

During the first 300 years of Christianity, Gnostics worked hard on science of being and describing a perfect Human. Most of the work was carried out naturally in northern Egypt (Alexandria) for that was where the ancient Egyptian spiritualism still was explored.

What happens later is that Emperor Constantine got tire of this, mostly because not even he could measure himself with the Christian model of a perfect Human. And in year 325 he makes a ad-hoc solution. He decides to change the divine trinity, which violated the foundations of Christianity.

By saying that Christ (The One perfect human - remember that Christ is a title, not a name) is the son of the Trinity, one would not longer learn about goodness by exploring good thing in the world, instead one now must learn goodness by the Christian doctrine.

Son in the Trinity was before then what we humans (Trinitarian: Father’s) managed to create after which we used our Spirit (our abstraction ability) as our guide. But from this moment now this was not the case, now it does not matter how we understand our world - because the doctrine of Christ was more important. As soon as we recognized something good that differed from the doctrine, it was not apart of "God". This stagnated the Christian doctrine and the Christian spiritual zeitgeist has not changed since then. It only acts as a way to control the human ability to find better explanations for goodness in the world. A creation that was considered to be needed for the purpose of stability in a unstable world.

Consensus: All good (according to the Christian doctrine) that people do is a result of God. All evil (according to the Christian doctrine) that people do can’t be derived from a perfect Human, which defines the actions to be from human original sin.

The second part of Theodicy is cracked, without talking about a supernatural God. Our ability to think abstract can be traced evolutionary methods to for example when we understood that we get burnt if we play with fire and wanted to communicate this to our fellow humans in the cave.

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