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29 September, 2020
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- "Why should one make a donation?" - Well, I think that question only can be answered by you. We all have our own different beliefs in how to adress the fundamental questions of mankind. If you put great value into these areas of interest and got something out of the work I put into them, then, if I were you, I most likely would have found a reason why I should make a donation to you.

The Inevitable Dossier

I spent about three year putting The inevitable Dossier togeather and yes, I admit it's not a professional work, but then that wasn't the idea either. During my life as a layman of psychiatry, mental order, society structure, leadership etc, I found out that the most fundamental questions of human behavior were the one's that were easiest to answer. The evolved idea of the dossier is to present an easy understandable picture of my conclusions for the wide audience. I certainly hope this is worth something.


And if the dossier isn't reason enough, then I will add that in the definition 'evolved idea' mentioned above, I linked the work with the dossier to another project that I have been working with for over ten years now. My general conclusions regarding happiness and affinity mentioned in the dossier actually was defined long ago. The idea behind Chaordic Chambers (latin: Chaordina Conclavis) is a society supporting matrix using the basics of Chaordic structure in a combination with my own solutions to the great problems of happiness and affinity. A few transparency surprises that adress loopholes in oaths and rites of well known secret societies are also in there. Hopefully your donations will give me the ability to finish and publish this work - and of course a donation will also put you on the list of individuals to keep updated on the progress.

General contributions

Even if the above does not make up reasons enough, I hope you can come to the conclusion that whatever comes out in the end of my work, its important that someone beside the monopoly constitutions of commersial companies, churches, institutions and individual greed, get resources to be able to finance innovative work within these areas of interest.

As of today, all time spent on these 'projects' of mine are done outside office hours and shared with family and childrens private time. My wish would be a situation were I could focus on my work in these fundamental questions of mankind without having to steal precious time from my family. The lottery tickets sure hasn't been that successful up to now...


I myself is a monthly donator to the WikiMedia Foundation, The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science and I also do contribute to the Internet Communiy by maintaining my so called "Wikibot ".


/Roberth Edberg - (Alias: Messiah)
Initiator & executor


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