The Inevitable Dossier
29 September, 2020
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In the shadows of religion

The search for the Elusive Truth

  • "In our time, what is at issue is the very nature of man, the image we have of his limits and possibilities as a man. History is not yet done with its exploration of the limits and meanings of 'human nature'." / C. Wright Mills
  • "A man of clear ideas errs grievously if he imagines that whatever is seen confusedly does not exist; it belongs to him, when he meets with such a thing, to dispel the midst, and fix the outlines of the vague form which is looming through it." /  J.S. Mill Bentham


Really, aren't we all standing in the shadows of religious values...?


- “Have you ever felt like being that little child who discovered that the Emperor was naked and that there were no new clothes?"
- "What if I told you that the Holy Grail contains the answer to why the little child spoke up and you didn’t.
- "This dossier presents a pathway to understanding. You and you alone can decide if you are ready.”



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