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23 February, 2020
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10. Appendix (-10.1.6)
Written by Messiah   
Thursday, 06 July 2006

Take the Theory to its logical conclusion in relation to morality for a particular case. A man seizes 10 boys and blinds them. The spectators moralise, "He is a very rotten chap" ( unless the boys were not of their religion, when ‘very’ would be omitted). The Theory simply says what happened was inevitable, it was going to happen, as was everybody’s reaction, as is this real record of the apparently non-existent event. You might say, "If Hitler had not invaded Russia ----."  but there was no moment when Herr H. could have decided to do anything else and his action was just as inevitable as your imagined supposition and this paper’s comment on it and your reading it, or it not being read and your agreeing or not agreeing with it.

You might say that use of the word ‘might’ shows things are not inevitable but in fact the word arises in the mental computer simply as a reaction to inputs on a future situation for which insufficient information is available to make a confident prediction or where a ‘wish’ program of the brain wants to avoid making one. It is like making a sales forecast with an office PC where the latest information on some customers is missing. If so programmed it could warn you of possible inaccuracies, quantify likely ranges of error and print out the word ‘might’ in selected cases where it had done so.

Consider the illogicality of Communists. They are atheists, deny the existence of a God and yet create a party line which it is sin to deviate from. It is difficult to conceive how an atheist can claim a conscience. Their concept of a God, although they do not call it that, is  some odd, vague, undefined factor that dwells only in the mind of each man placing on him a collective moral obligation. The real situation is that a group of individuals is behaving in accordance with input in the way it has evolved to do. Inevitability Theory fits the facts much better than dialectic.

Some say that if there is no free will and everything is the result of chance they are free to choose to behave entirely selfishly because there are no moral values. They are missing the point. Whether they decide to be selfish, or saints, or reject the idea altogether is already decided, unchangeable and inevitable. You might equally say that, if everything is inevitable and there is no free will, nothing matters and you might as well just sit around, get drunk and do nothing. Put in a field with tigers, people, unless tiger trainers, blind/deaf, lame, heroes, mad or suicidal, will run away as a natural reaction to avoid pain. Your decision whether to sit drunk doing nothing, or to climb Everest, is just as much an inevitable reaction to an apparently, but not necessarily, more complicated input. It might be inevitable, for example, when the off-licences ran out, that you could not get drunk. If everybody studies Inevitability Theory and decides to sit doing nothing then the human race will die out. If that happens, drunk or not, it was inevitable. What is inevitable is that, in time, these decisions will inevitably be taken in awareness that they are inevitable and predictable, which is a very different situation to what prevails at the present time.

 In the programme ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ the mighty computer gave the solution to all the mysteries of the universe as ‘42’. Someone must have given the matter a lot of thought because it was the right answer - there could be no other - although 74 and 329 would be equally correct.



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