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23 February, 2020
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10. Appendix (10.1-10.1.1)
Written by Messiah   
Thursday, 06 July 2006

10.1    The theory of Inevitability

10.1.1    A realistic philosophy - (a way of looking at things)

© Copyright - Derek Brockis

The Theory: "Everything proceeds to an unchangeable inevitable pattern. When you know enough about any situation its future is entirely predictable" or "All events are predictable, therefore inevitable and all events are inevitable, therefore predictable".

It is said any species appearing invulnerable stands on the verge of extinction. Acknowledged threats to the human race range from meteors to viruses but there is another threat we cannot avoid which is being overlooked. Can society adjust to knowing that free will and morality do not exist as we understand them and that everything, including human thinking and behaviour, follows an exactly pre-ordained pattern, like parts moving in a very complicated machine?

Blaming while justifying one’s own position and forming groups which kill each other are two human characteristics. Society runs by moralising over right and wrong; limitation of killing depends on this. Recognition that the outcomes of all thoughts and actions are inevitable and predestined could cause such a change in human behaviour that society breaks down. Even if, to survive, we continue to pretend moral ethics exist and are supernatural the pretence itself will one day be recognised as such. Cherished beliefs are given up reluctantly, especially religious ones, but the idea that conscience and free will exist beyond the laws of physics is dying. It could well be that people fear facing up to the simple truth that everything follows an unchangeable pattern - that we are all just puppets dancing to the strings of chance. Thoughts and actions are not matters of abstract moral choice but are all inevitable and, if sufficient facts are known, 100% predictable. The making of the prediction and its content are also part of the inevitable pattern.

Observe the behaviour of writers and broadcasters on subjects like Darwinism and the ‘Dominant Gene’, proposing that soul and free will do not exist and that man is just machine. Nearly all, understandably, fall into the trap of using expressions like ‘must’, ‘it is important that’, and ‘should/ought’ in an undefined and moral sense at the very moment they are arguing against free will, with its consequent moral obligations. This illustrates how far human minds, even the most advanced ones, still stand from adjustment to what, according to all the evidence, is the way things are. You may not like it but it is the way things are.

The following is the case for ‘The Theory of Inevitability’ and its corollary: ‘When you know enough about any situation its future is entirely predictable’. Terms like ‘time’, ‘future’, ‘predictions’, ‘correct or incorrect’ are hard to define but all, including efforts to define them, are parts of the Inevitability and no concept considered so far appears to contradict the Theory.

You do not need advanced statistics to prove the Theory of Inevitability, only to say 2 and 2 make 4, observe the way life really is and, inevitably, keep an open mind.


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