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22 February, 2020
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8. General Conclusion (8.1-8.3)
Written by Messiah   
Thursday, 06 July 2006

8.1    It’s War!

We’re all living in the middle of a war which affects us each moment of our life. It’s a constant battle against our own minds, which we do not yet possess enough skills to understand. Someone asked me about what I would have done if I met Adolf Hitler in his youth knowing that he would become the one we all know him for. Before I was able to answer, the same one added that one of course would kill him to ensure that he wouldn’t commit the horrors he did – as it was obvious that it would have been my answer. However, killing does not solve problems, it creates them. Killing cancer does not cure cancer, it just kills the cancer. It will appear elsewhere. Understanding the cancer is the only way. Thereby we eventually can cure cancer and eliminate it as a disease.

8.1.1    The mind is the weapon

Yes, we are all soldiers with our mind as weapon and we subconsciously seek allies to join our battles each time we speak. We ultimately create mental armies which are able to take action when needed. Now we must realize that this type of reasoning is very similar to the reasoning of the medieval church, as its power was turned over into grassroot actions. You see, it’s not until the pressure upon us gets overheated by quick decisions that we begin to realize our own mistakes. A wave with a finger can wipe out thousands of lives, just because your people adore you and would do anything to get acknowledged by you. Here’s were the “Killing Hitler” -dilemma comes in, as each one of us may think we do things right, but may instead make things worse. So don't make the mistake and blame those who did bad things in history, when it’s possible that you would make the same mistakes yourself if you were a leader. Without the horrors in our past, we probably would live with greater horrors today. It’s a process of learning to understand ourselves, which takes time.

8.1.2    Consciousness is the battleground

The Hitler example is a rather easy example to decipher. Between killing Hitler and watching his horror, the alternatives are unlimited. In our daily life we all face complex situations that are far from black and white. To be able to create a medicine or a vaccine which eventually can cure or treat a disease, we need understanding, time, will and resources.

8.1.3    Frustration and Greed are the menace

In conflicts, the desire to change constitute mankind’s 2nd largest problem. The implementation of a change eventually becomes prioritized above understanding how to do it the most effective way due to frustration or greed. If a democratic solution can’t be achieved, someone eventually will "snap", similar to the “killing Hitler” scenario above, with unpredicted outcome as result. In many cases, this would solve the conflict and everybody is happy. But in those cases were the conflict wasn’t solved, another parameter was just added to the conflict which made it even worse. Escalations such as these may ultimately create a new Hitler.

8.1.4    Conviction and pride are the enemy

As I mentioned the 2nd largest problem above, I understand that I have to present what I see as the number one largest problem of mankind. It’s the greatest source of all: “Happiness”. Well, the lack of it actually and it’s relation to affinity, personal safty and evolution. Happiness begins to fade away when conflicts appear within affinity. I see conviction and pride as the two main forces that drain affinity. Even if these two forces do not purposely serve any hidden agenda, they appear as a result of appreciation and envy of those who successfully maintain affinity.

8.1.5    Enemy lines are made up of society progress

Our society evolves with tremendous speed these days. Even if we can’t see it, we are constantly affected by it. The result is growing numbers of alternatives and choices as well as rules and regulations. More and more responsibility is put on the shoulders of the individual. It’s easy to make wrong decision as right ones may vary based on so many new parameters. This creates an unfamiliar and sometimes hostile environment for the not so understanding individual, who begins to seek allies for battles against the complexity.

8.1.6    Countless numbers of battles against ourselves

In almost every part of the society structure we will find problems if we are looking for them, which our battles tell us that, we are. We must understand that the society began without any structure at all and that it is mankind’s struggle from chaos towards order, which has created what we have today. History tells us a lot about this struggle and nowadays we should be happy that we have got thru the worst parts of it. So the main force that speed up society evolution today is made up of you as much as me in our struggle to get things better.

8.1.7    There are no shortcuts

Understanding the above also would make you understand that there are no shortcuts thru this to establish a society structure that fit perfectly for all. That’s both the advantage and the disadvantage of the so called “New World Order” were we, the citizens, rule our society. Of course, we could turn back to the “Old World Order” of autocracies were a single ruler will define right from wrong in his/hers society. Or, if our frustration and greed becomes to powerful, maybe we will get there anyhow with the help of the “repeating history” factor.

8.2    A War that no one, but all, can win!

This war of mankind can only be won by us together. But before this day comes, we must learn to rely on and understand the structure of our society. We need to understand that democracy mean leadership thru majority and that republic mean leadership thru rights of the minority. Both alternatives have negative considerations in were a sort of mentorship, which protects the political system from flaws rather than being political, plays a role. I suggest that modern constitutional monarchs have been playing this role very well unofficially and ithat its time to accept their part officially. I feel we all would benefit from their international network of personal relations. Why not put the structure of foreign relation, embassies and the UN in their hands, so that local politics would not interfere with international communication. I mean, that’s really already what they have done behind the scenes.

And yes, as an expert in IT network surveillance systems I have dealt with dilemmas such as: “Who supervise the supervisors?”, “Who guard the guardians?”, “Who judge the judges?” and “Who rule the rulers?”

I think we have to realize that there are only two paths for the global society structure to choose from: A one world government or a world of many governments. The latter one of course feels a lot better as we move away from autocracies, but it will demand a transparency between governments on equal terms which cannot be driven with political means – which brings us back to the structure of UN, Embassies, foreign relations and alike.

8.3    The simple and inevitable truth

We are all equal, based one the same matter, but our backgrounds have raised us to be complaint with each others in a single society with different success. Each time the history of our societies repeats themselves, we all get one step closer on the inevitable path to understand this simple truth and as long as we don’t or deliberately neglect it, our societies are headed for another round.

You won't be scratched by the cat, if you don't expose yourself as a threat to it. And if, then who’s the bad one, the cat or you? What would make the cat your best friend, if it doesn’t even speak the same language or share the same interests? It is as complex as it is inevitable, but yet reachable. The first step on the inevitable path is to understand the inevitable and to become apart of it.



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