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22 February, 2020
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7. The "Light" (7.3.7)

7.3.7    The Great Architect of Freemasonry

- “Because truth lies beyond the reach of the intellect, we can't use words for it.” – From Mahábhârata, a holy Indian script.

These thoughtful Indian words say a lot more about mankind than truths, faiths or beliefs. In the same way all religions have been initiated since the dawn of mankind, also Freemasonry should be counted as one of them. My own conclusion is that Freemasonry is a merger of those who have come to the conclusion that the church and the state needs to be separated as well as the state needs to be transparently integrated with the whole society, including religious parts. I would date the merging origin of modern Freemasonry to between 10th and 14th century as a direct response to the increased threat and control from the Roman Catholic Church.

Emperor, Kings, Nobles and Freemasonry

The word “Aryan” is English and derives from the ancient languages of Indian Vedic Sanskrit and Iranian Avestan. Aryan is also related to the word "aristocracy", and referred to Indo-Iranian holy Kings and holy warriors and thus "nobles". It could be interesting to know that the Roman historian Gaius Cornelius Tacitus work: “De origine et situ Germanorum” also called “Germania” dated year 98, tell about the Germanic tribes, who are sons of the ancient Aryan king named “Manno” or “Mannus”. You probably didn’t know it, but these are some of our modern words who derive from Manno: Man, Mankind, Management, Manual, Manuscript, Human, Humanity and Humanism. If that isn’t enough, I can add that “Manno” even is found in the Viking Age rune alphabet as the rune “Mannaz” which represent “Man” and is very similar to “M”. You see it tagged on the foundation of the statue of liberty on the frontpage of this dossier. Some scholars assert that this genealogy would make Manno the first civilized human being similar to the moral dilemmas of the biblical Adam. And did you know it? Even the Bible mentions runes. To add some extra spice to the subject of Aryan Manno, I will also tell you that most of the royal families of Europe and Russia consider themselves to be descendants of… Yes, you guessed right: The Aryan king “Manno”.

The merger of Germanic Tribe Nobility and Roman Empire Aristocracy, which began in 4th – 5th century, formed a new European Nobility. Status, wealth and fancy titles were extended with land and troop ownership in the medieval period. Roman Emperors gave blessing to local landlords/kings, who needed their nobles to run the kingdom as well as maintain prestige and power. Even if considered hereditary leaders, appointed by kings, wealth was the main factor when acquiring a Noble membership. As describes in the earlier chapter about Freemasonry, this period in time demanded secured living for wealthy individuals. This created a need for castles, fortresses and well designed houses. The upper class relation with builders and constructers was established and those who could afford made their relations with the traveling stonemasons, who by time become known as the Freemasons. Religion as a method of control grew and those who opposed wills and demands of the Emperor and allied kings faced conflicts from the neighbors. This situation evolved into the understanding that the ability to possess and preserve secrets was essential to survive – as agents of the Emperor and his allies were everywhere. An example of this is the so called “The Folkunga Revolt” in Sweden, 1229.

The great architectThe early Freemasons had a solution for this and by time it evolved into modern Freemasonry. I thereby create a direct relation between Royalty, Nobility and Freemasonry, were the need of skillful, competent and popular Elite was obvious to preserve a strong and stable State or kingdom. The Noble Freemasonry shouldered the responsibility to ensure this by relate themselves with the fundaments of faith itself. The creation of the “The great architect” was a direct solution to this and a relation all the way back to the life of Zoroaster was established, using Nobility as a true source.


  • “Therefore it (Masonry) invites to its altar men of all faiths, knowing that if they use different names for ‘the Nameless One of a hundred names’, they are yet praying to the one God and Father of all.”
  • “Freemasonry has taught each man can, by himself, work out his own conception of God and thereby achieve salvation.”

However, the religion of Freemasonry is not about worshipping the “the Great Architect”, it’s about being transparent to Gods and to have faith in the inevitable path to unification, the Society, which for them is based on identifying and promoting skillful and competent individuals – Freemason or not. Within Freemasonry this it’s more than a religion, it’s the Inevitable. Its way of living that takes hold on the essence in the truthful Indian words mentioned in this chapters beginning. This may answer the questions of why so many priests of all kinds of religions have chosen to be Freemasons and also why there is so much Freemasonic alike activity around universities all over the world and also why it has become so successful and secret.

- "One may draw from the study of history the lesson that the age of princes is over. . . . For two hundred years we have been watching the decomposition of this system.  The princely houses have retained nothing but their pretensions.  With these they traffic, and by these they live. . . . If one day we had time to waste, it would be a curious study, that of these princely families, to see how they maintained themselves in power, despite their internal struggles.  Their wars always had the most exalted motives.  In reality, it was always a question of odd patches of land, whose possession was bitterly disputed.  How much Europe has had to suffer, for eight hundred years, from these practices – and, especially and above all, Germany!" - Adolf Hitler

We know that the Hitler disliked both Royalties and Freemasons, but what do we know of the secret planning that eventually led to his fall? Among many interesting events, did you for example know that the “D-Day” invasion of Normandy, France was synchronized with a Red Army’s attack against Karelia, southern Finland?

As the war faded out, one can wonder if it isn’t possible that the Swedish crown prince Gustav Adolf, the father of today’s king of Sweden and the one who by many is referred to as a Nazi-friendly during world war II, actually was murdered at the mysterious plane crash in January 26 1947 – as a (freemason?) act to ensure that he would never become the future king that he was supposed to.

If you really thought the allied invasion of Germany with all it’s logistics was something that made world war II unique then, you should know this: In 1627 Gustav II Adolf, King of Sweden and called the "Lion of the North", had compared the revived Roman Catholic Church to the sea: "as one wave follows another in the sea, so the Papal deluge is approaching our shores.". Gustav organized the strongest allied army of the early seventeenth century, courageously led his forces from the front, and earned the title of the "Father of Modern Warfare" because of his innovative skills in the tactical integration of infantry, cavalry, artillery, and logistics. Gustav’s own motivation: “The house of Habsburgs has never ceased aims of world domination. The war between us and Emperor is inevitable, as he seek to exterminate all that is not of his religion. If we would sail over the sea and invade on their lands, we most likely would be joined by many Protestants in the war.”

Invasion 1632

Invasion of Germany year 1632


Scottish allied soldiers

Scottish soldiers serving under Gustav’s command

The invasion and the merge of allies was a success and in the summer of 1632, Gustav Adolf released his plans for Germany, which included two Protestant leagues - the Corpus Bellicum (which would be responsible for military affairs) and the Corpus Evangelicorum (which would run the civil administration). The purpose was to establish a structure that would secure the future of Protestants in Germany. As he was more interested in Sweden, he left locals to decide about the head of the Protestant Empire.

Gustav did also acknowledge the “New World” (Modern USA) as a potential threat. The distant “New World” would leave an enemy alone to grow its potentials in secrecy, which he could not tolerate. On his orders two ships (“Gripen” and “Kalmar Nyckel”) was assigned to establish the first settlement “New Sweden” in Delaware, USA – March 1638 – to protect the Swedish interests in the New world.

The AFP News Agency published a press relrease 4th of April 2006 with this headline: “George W Bush has Swedish ancestry”. Guess what? Researchers have traced the Bush family ancestry through 10 generations to the 17th century arriving in the colony of New Sweden in Delaware 1639-1640. This, my friend, brings us back to the light, the inevitable understanding of mankind, and its anomalities. Generally known is that Dan Brown built his successful story, “The Da Vinci Code”, on a metaphor were the “Holy Grail” is supposed to be the so called “Bloodline” of Christ. This is a good beginning as it raises the public eyes over the horizon of control and opens the door to an otherwise locked history of truth.

Remember: - “History is written by the Winners”.

I will go one step further and even ditch Christ completely from the “Holy Grail” metaphor. My conclusion is that, based on their interactions with all kinds of different cultures and religions, the Templar Knights and possible others come to understand that Christ is just an anomy of mankind and that it’s the understanding, the light, which is important. I suggest that the “Holy Grail” is a metaphor that was put in to its context just because it then would carry itself forward in history, protected by its opponents, without them being able to interpret it correctly. The Christian myths tell about Joseph of Arimathea who used the Grail to catch Christ's blood while interring him and then took the object to Britain, where he founded a line of guardians to keep it safe. From my own interpretation, the metaphor possibly created in Britain, still works if the blood is the metaphor of light, the understanding of Christ, and the grail is the metaphor of the line of guardians (the Christians). This may also combine the Christian lore with the Celtic myth of a cauldron endowed with special powers, which I mean may have been a line of Nobles/Knights who eventually were involved in building the Roslyn Chapel. The special powers were of course this understanding, the light, which gave them a powerful tool to unite people transparently to different kinds of faiths and also boosted the gust in battles. It’s a perfect cover for the “miraculous powers” that puzzles Christian mythology, which I would say contains the light of humanity. Proofs of such a cover-up, would say much about irrational faith. I think it’s possible that the secrets of the Roslyn Chapel display this or alike, but to interpret it correctly, one have to use some secret key that unlocks it. To be able to preserve a secret of such dignity, I would even believe that the highest grades of Freemasonry do not know what’s hidden. They may be able to build their own idea about it during their path upwards in grades. The highest Grand Masters may have an instruction which does not allow this key to be used before some signs in the general society has been identified, which would serve as an indicator that mankind was ready for the truth about our history.


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