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24 February, 2020
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7. The "Light" (7.2-7.2.4)
Written by Messiah   
Thursday, 06 July 2006

7.2    Is God “Light” personalized?

During my studies of human faith and religion in general I found one key component that create a fundamental boarder between irrational faith, such as religious faith and rational faith, such as faith in science. This component serves as the dividing border of humanity, as I see it, and even if individuals with mentality on one side of this boarder fully respect individuals on the other side, it’s the border itself which never will fully respect either side. I’m talking about “God”, “Heaven” and what he, she or it really is. As long as this question can’t be answered in a rational way, we can’t make any real progress in over bridging the border. What if I told you that there may be a solution to this problem. Well, first you have to identify it as a problem, which mean that you have to be on the peak of inner understanding on both sides to identify it as maybe the greatest problem of mankind. Otherwise, you will probably just reject this possibility. Let’s Imagine that those profound individuals who created the Bible by merging old texts and hearsay, failed to interpret one fundamental part of Genesis which led to this boarder of faith. If they did, how should it possibly have been written? Well, that is as hard and mind-bending as it should be. But let’s make a try. We have nothing to loose and a mankind united faith to win if we are lucky. Below is my own alternative version of Genesis 1:1 – 1:5.

7.2.1    Alternative Genesis 1:1 – 1:5 in Bible

(1:1) In the beginning there was nothing but darkness and God. (1:2) God said: - “In this endless existence of darkness, let changes be the constant and in the purpose of my values, let me be the light”. (1:3) Gods will made darkness overwhelmed by light and the changing contrasts formed matter. (1:4) God studied the changes with great enthusiasm as darkness changed into a universe of matter. (1:5) God looked upon a formed mass of matter, “Earth”, and as he did, the morning of the first day was born.

7.2.2    Understanding is the key

OK, what have we solved with this little change. Well, for a start, If God is the light which initiated everything; even scientists will be able to have faith in “God”. The same scientists can today create matter using high levels of energy. Well, even in this case, if God is the energy itself (source of light) and “understanding” is a part of the light, then one could say that it really is God who creates matter.

Understanding a part of the Light? Well, take a deep think about how we use and refer to the word “Light”. Individuals with great knowledge and understanding are often referred to as enlightened on both sides of the border. Education itself very often refers to itself as enlightening. The enlightenment period in history was about increasing understanding. Many individuals, who have been on the edge of death, refer to the moment as a journey towards the Light (back to the source?). Science agrees on the fact that it is the light that brings life to our planet. We use Light to guide us (Lighthouses) and we need light to be able to study and educate. Light, Light, Light... Everywhere there are references to the Light. My little change of Genesis 1:1 – 1:5 would break the boarder mentioned above and we all could agree on the existence of God as light itself. And if God is the light, then we all is a part of God. This will of course re-angle some religious stands. However, it does not have to mean that the “Kingdom of heaven” would not exist. In fact, it would be easier to refer to someone as being the closes individual to God (The Pope?). This individual most likely would be the most enlightened individual in all areas of understanding. The people who serves and follows him would be the most interested in understanding of life, mankind, nature and the light itself. One normally says: - “Understanding is the basic source of forgiveness”. Even this would mean that it actually is God who forgives when; people forgive each others. OK, one actually can go on for hours, days, years and probably a lifetime thinking of what the Light actually is. Even if scientists can explain how light works, they have no idea about why light exists. This is the most fundamental part of humanity itself, which again unite both sides of the boarder.

7.2.3    The constant

In my version of Genesis, God mentioned the constant “Change”. It can be hard to understand why a constant must exist, but if you take time and think about things that possibly could serve as constants, you will find out that Changes is the most suitable. And by applying “Change” as constant, we can assure that everything is changed by time, which also is one of the great concerns of mankind. Time itself is a part of Change, as otherwise changes can’t appear, but I’m not convinced that time uses the same pattern everywhere in Universe. As God made changes inevitable, understanding has to evolve with it, or else the both values and purposes of mankind will emerge into the type of conflicts that we can identify in our world today.

7.2.4    Purpose of values

What is the purpose of life? Well, the answer to that question also changes. Before life existed, the purpose of life was composed by just one thing: - “Life itself”. And in the beginning of life, the answer to the purpose of life almost only consisted in just staying alive. However as life changed purpose also changed. Today it’s impossible to answer this so called “Eternal question” with a simple answer, without walking over the feet’s of all philosophers thru history. Well, at this point you have understandings about so much, that you most likely also would understand that I won’t leave this question open either. My own research regarding this came up with the exact same answer as Douglas Adams did in his book “The Hitchhikers guide to the Universe”, which was: “42”. Could be hard to understand how this is possible, but by reading his book or talking to those who have, you will get a better understanding about the Eternal question and its relation to life itself.

Back to my edit of the Bible; My Genesis chapter relate Gods values to the purpose. Which of course mean that each living species purpose of life is composed by its own values of life? Blarrph! Now we’re up at the very top of understanding itself. So if purpose is made up of values, what form the values?

OK, let’s take it slow: - “Values ... are ... created ... by ... understanding”. And as we already have learned; - “Understanding is composed and evolved by the species themselves interacting with the environment around them”. The light again... One thereby can summarize everything by saying: - “The purpose of life is made up by no one else but God”. Understanding everything up to this point, one can also draw an inevitable conclusion by adding: - “…and God was created by the Light” – meaning that at some point in history mankind’s evolved understanding (Light) realized that a untouchable force was needed, possible to stabilize and unite society with surviving as the core fundamental purpose. By time this force, this creation, this mastermind tool, grew as its only measurable threat was other creations like it. Following the inevitable pattern of evolution, the stronger creation survived. Today the world’s greatest religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity) share the same God. Even if they have different views of things regarding faith, they stand virtually united against the opposing rational faith – which I would summarize as being the church and state separated nation-state movement who have, in secrecy, evolved beside the great religions ever since this mastermind tool was first used. Is it possible to merge both sides of the boarder of mankind’s faith? Well, don’t ask me. But if you do, I would answer yes. I definitely would like to go to Church with my own faith, but only if the Church respected me and my values. From my point of view, we all have faith in the same source; “understanding”.



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