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24 February, 2020
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7. The "Light" (7.1.5-7.1.7)
Written by Messiah   
Thursday, 06 July 2006

7.1.5    Is there modern Nobility?

Is there modern Nobility? If so, who possess it? I say it is and it’s still based on the same old values. The old families still exists, trying to figure out how to use their heritage. Life is different in our modern world and their part isn’t that obvious. But I predict a bright future were Nobility will come into light again. But, to be able to get there, the Nobles of today have to accept new paths into their “locked” world.

Let’s take a look at the peak of battlefields of today, which in my opinion has moved into economics. Primitive warfare still exists, but is of subordinate importance compared to world economy. I myself have had the privilege of being both a board director and a CEO during the IT-boom era. During that time I’ve experienced what I would define as our modern knights of honor. The often large amounts of money involved in mergers, acquisitions, bonus wages etc brings the old values into light and it also picture one of the most discussed subjects in media today.

For the wide masses, these high figures are so unreachable that they per definition become related to bad behavior. Who can possible be worthy of such amount of money? Seeing this from the inside, without reaching the money myself, did give me valuable perspectives of both fronts in “the war”. As money brings freedom in many ways of course there are those who are driven with greed for money or/and freedom as their core force. In these cases I align with everyone else who do not se them as worthy of such amounts of money. But on the other hand, there are those who help others to realize ideas, visions and plans and are driven by the joy of their work. For them, the amount of money or freedom is irrelevant and is just seen as a needful resource on the path. Companies which these ones are involved in are most often aligned with detailed core values that put nature, humanity and mutual respect before money earnings. These are the ones if any that I would define was the modern nobles of honor. Believe me; these ones are worthy every penny in the same manner as the old nobles were during the time when society needed such values, honor and order to survive. Examples of such, from my own country (Sweden), are families such as the Kamprad’s, Rausing’s and the Wallenberg’s.

While the first two families are active at the innovation market, the Wallenberg’s focus their business onto economics, which serves as the peak of the modern battleground according to me. Companies on the economic market face harder intellectual competition as they do not possess “patents” as weapons. The weapons on this market instead are made up of personal networks which according to me are the main reason why we in general see a lot higher bonus wages there. The high bonus wages in these personal networks are used to extend the personal network by attracting new intellectuals, build new companies and ultimately to gain market shares.

7.1.6    Filtering

In our modern society, we are all responsible for ourselves. Our minds response to this is to put up a guard and begin to explain the society as the problem, as it does not supply information regarding what’s expected from us. This is our society of today. You are on your own. It’s up to you to seek answers to your own questions and problems. Help exists, but if you do not know what to look for, life itself may become a problem and when if it does, you may fell into being one of those who, without knowing it, works for a restart of the “repeating history”. It’s important that you learn to filter the world, so that you do not need to process everything. Stick to the things you like and that you see a future in. Align yourself with others that share your values and try to complement each others instead of being experts on the same matters. No one is expert on everything, but one can be expert in attracting experts, which gets as close to being the expert on everything as you can get. If you still think of the world as to complex and hostile, I you suggest that you also should try to filter the world using rational methods, which I think you, do not if this is the case. I will now move over to the more irrational part of the dossier. If you are religious, I must remind you about the terms in the beginning…

7.1.7    Intelligent design / Creationism

When irrational minds try to be rational regarding irrational matters, things get complicated. The discussions about Intelligent Design and Creationism are good examples. I can only make up two reasons why this has grown big lately. Either someone really is trying to merge irrational with rational reasoning which could be compared with my own parts about “the Light” later in this dossier or it may be a well planned attack against the Church using the old strategy of “divide and conquer”. The latter could be either of greed as there are a lot of money involved in Church activities or just a plain and simple war attack against the Church.

First let’s sort out what “Creationism” is. Creationism is actually just another of all of these –ism’s, were those who have a new view of something need to categorize themselves to be noticed. If I say that I believe the universe was created by rubbing coconuts against each others, I would be a Creationist per definition. So if you get the picture, Creationists are those who have a certain idea about how everything was created. And of course there are many different ideas about the creation. Some are good and some bad. Generally the good ones are those who are based of some sort of scientific research. What unites them all is that none is true. Well, at least we can not be 100% sure. Therefore, we have to judge good from bad ourselves. Generally scientists do not call them selves Creationists even if they would have an alternative idea about how the world was created. Why not? Well, they do not have to. Going back to basic rules of definition; only those who need to be heard, need to be defined. Scientist’s ideas have its fundaments in tests and Creationists have their fundaments in beliefs. Beliefs need continuous marketing to survive. Even if you say that 80-90% of the world’s population is religious, it does not prove there is a God. It may seem likely, but if no proofs can be presented, you should take a look at the subject from the opposite angle: If 80-90% of the world can’t prove that there is a God then God most likely do not exist.

So what about the talk about “Intelligent Design”? Well, intelligent design is one of the ideas regarding the creation of everything. Those who believe in intelligent design believe there must have been an intelligent source of some kind involved in the moment of creation. If they would win this battle and get “Intelligent Design” accepted as an alternative to Darwin’s ideas, then I guess history just will have to repeat itself another time to get it right next time. Back to the essence of the Intelligent design creationism. Well, first - there was no intelligence involved in the moment of creation, because intelligence is based on abstract thinking and choice. In the moment of creation there was nothing to be abstract about and there was no choice to be made. Creating something from nothing was not and could not have been a choice.

It’s fundamental!

However, all Creationists who believe in intelligent design do not need to drop all of their ideas. They easily could hook onto my edited Genesis (later in the dossier) and class it as their intelligent design. They can focus on the “Light” as the source of everything and a moment of creation that was initiated from nothing. No intelligence, no moral, no ethics, no feelings, etc – only nothing. If you understand that changes has been the constant ever since the creation and that it is the light who has brought us to be who we are today - then you can define light as God if you want. If you think of it as a part of everything, you hopefully will understand that both you and I share the same beliefs with the only difference; you are religious. Thinking further, you will again hopefully understand that God, religion and the books are only words and texts. It’s fundamental: we’re all equal, no matter what we believe!



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