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15 August, 2020
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6. Enlightenment (6.2.16-6.3)
Written by Messiah   
Thursday, 06 July 2006

6.2.16    Manipulation

Definition: To control or influence someone or something cleverly and unscrupulously, especially to one's own advantage. To give appearance to something, change its character (maneuver, control, guide, direct, engineer, influence). Hmmm... Well, the word “manipulation” creates the shivers for many, but I must state that the skill of manipulation should not primarily be related to a negative skill. My definition of manipulation would be “to alter the subject’s mindset”. Treating mental disturbances demand good skills in manipulation, were the ability to be able to focus the mental patient on things that does not upset him/her is a vital skill. The reason why manipulation is such a negative word is simple. No one likes the fact that others are able to control their minds. History has told us over and over again that the mind could be a very scary tool.

6.2.17    False flag activities

The worst kind of manipulation is so called “false flag” activities. In complex situations were two parts are in conflict with each others, but are about to settle a peace agreement, one part can commit a bloody strike against himself and blame the other part and thereby achieve increased support among grassroots on both sides of conflict. In this type of activities media becomes the weapon.

6.2.18    Conspiracy

-    “Conspiracy, in common usage, is the act of working in secret to obtain some goal, usually understood with negative connotations”.

In the common definition above, the thing to argue about is if the intentions of the conspiracy has anything to do with the definition, or has it just evolved to become of such meaning. The term comes from Latin con- "with, together", and spirare "to breathe", which does not refer to secrets or negative intentions. The word “conspiracy” itself can obviously be misleading, which then must be understood before one can apply it to any activity. As a legal term, conspiracy has historically been defined, in America, as:

-    “It’s an agreement of two or more people to commit a crime, or to accomplish a legal end through illegal actions. For example, planning to rob a bank in order to raise money for charity is still an illegal conspiracy. The conspiracy does not need to have been planned in secret in order to meet the definition of the crime.”

From having this understanding about the definition one can look at some activities which may be considered as on the edge of illegal. In acts of and related to War for example, the enemies definitely work out plans and commit activities in highest secrecy, but this is not referred to as a conspiracy. Also spy- and intelligence activities are not normally referred to as conspiracy activities. This would mean that if one can trace a possible conspiracy activity to an act of war, it may not actually be an act of conspiracy. This would also mean that if you are on the right side of the law, as the Police for example, you are entitled to plan an attack against criminals in secrecy without being related to conspirative planning. And even lighter case than that, would be the fact that planning politics in secrecy isn’t either related to conspirative planning if the means are good. This understanding is a useful key when unlocking the great conspiracy.

6.2.19    Using prophecies as long-term politics

In history fulfilled prophecies are often taken for signs of the Gods in which almost every time will lead to increased power over the masses by those who relate events to the prophecy. However, the use of prophecies in politics has history far beyond the great fire on Rome in year 64, which were one of the great successes of using prophecies in Christian politics. This of course means that it’s very likely that many prophecies are nothing else but long-term politics. But no matter who write the prophecy, all can use them for own purposes. So here is a hypothesis on how to create a new world were much of the historic horror will be forgotten:

-    “The Maya Indian calendar is based on the universe movements with almost scientific precision and includes the so called “great cycle” which recycles each 5125th year. According to Maya’n myths each recycle mean the birth of a “new world”. Believe it or not, but next recycle take place the 22nd of December year 2012. And while some Catholics today believe the Antichrist will be personalized by an upcoming president of European Union, one would initiate a process to enlighten mankind about the history of horror created by the Catholics. Eventually and hopefully some will question their faith as they themselves will conclude to have been misled by the Antichrist. By doing this, the historic blame would be put onto the Roman Catholic Church, and if next Pope dissolves his Church, he will fulfill the old prophecy of St. Malachy about the 112 Popes. Doing this the 22nd of December 2012 (Maya’n new world), one can imagine that all major spiritual forces of earth will centralize to establish a new world. This of course also will fulfill the biblical prophecy regarding the Battle of Armageddon which include the antichrist's (the pope) ability to mislead mankind.”

The above is just a thought, so don’t take it too serious!

6.2.20    Global mind unification

-    "In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us realize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.", President Ronald Reagan, in a speech made to the 42nd General Assembly of the United Nations (1987).

It’s possible that the only way to unify all mankind is to the encounter extra terrestrial intelligence, which is superior to our own. This would not only make us realize that we (mankind) are equal, but also that we do not have the right to dictate universal truths. My append to Ronald Reagan’s words are these:

-    “However, if you were an intelligent organism from another world, which just had discovered Earth, wouldn’t you just mark it with a big red “X” and tell others to keep out, as it’s yet too violent to visit?”

If we want to unite humanity we must realize that the dividing forces of mankind must reconsider the basic aims and views of life.

6.3    Chapter conclusion

We, the humans as species, are amazing. We are capable of such tremendous understandings and yet incapable of applying it on our own minds. Maybe we shouldn’t analyze this subject to much, as the result may just be that we find out that there is no future for us. Maybe we aren’t ready yet. Maybe the history have to repeat itself a few times more until we have realized that we can not keep fooling ourselves if we want to proceed with life. We all know that the Emperors new clothes do not exist. We all know that he is naked! Then, why do we act as if they exist? Why do we constantly lie to ourselves? My answer to this is probably too simple to apply to the present level of general understanding, but I feel I must speak up as the little child did, when he realized that the Emperor as naked.

This is my answer:

-    “Since the dawn of life itself, mankind has suffered from the basic feeling of not being safe. The feeling has evolved from being scared of dangerous animals - thru - not being able to feed family - to – not being of any use and thereby being suppressed from society. This feeling has made us all specialists on lying to ourselves, so that we do not constantly have to deal with the fear. As specialists we have developed tools such as the ones described in this chapter as well as them described in the next. We use them to convince ourselves and others about how right and great we are and how effective our tools have become. But, as we have developed them ourselves, they differ and the differences generate the conflicts that we find all over our globe.”

Understanding is us (mankind) per definition. Mankind is just a simple rock without it. We know how to use it, how to enhance it, how to evolve it. But we do not know how to use it to understand it. When we die, it’s gone and will never come back. One of my favorite parts of a movie is the ending quarter of the movie “A.I.”, by Kubrick and Spielberg, were robots comes back to a future Earth, searching for their source. They, the robots, follow a trace of an ancient myth race (mankind) that had the extraordinary abilities we possess today, but without understanding their value or power – which eventually killed them (us). Now you wonder if I have an answer to this, an alternative plan to get mankind back on track again. Well, I think so. But, I don’t think you are ready to bring it in to mind yet as it would seem too simple. But that’s the nature of understanding and thats the reason why I wrote the terms in the prolog. The next chapter is about understanding, which I there refer to as “the Light”. It’s probably the darkest reading ever for you as there I will touch the fundaments of our existence. But keep up a positive spirit, as you now know that the path to happiness is simple, yet to simple to understand.



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