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15 August, 2020
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6. Enlightenment (6.1-6.1.6)

6.1    The path to Enlightenment

Even during the darkest part of George Lucas great epic “Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back”, master “Yoda” refer to living spices as “Luminous beings”. Like many names in epic, the name "Yoda" may be etymologically derived from the Hebrew yodea ("one who knows").

6.1.1    Enlightenment versus “The Illuminati”

Well, this is maybe the most interesting part of the dossier. Does Enlightenment have anything to do with the secret society named “The Illuminati” presented earlier in this dossier? Well, of course and that why it’s so illogical that this secret society today is the centre of the greatest conspiracy ever. As the name is clearly linked to Enlightenment and as members were of highest rank, I find it’s more logical that the conspiracy theorists hold the big picture up-side-down. Think of it: It’s not a conspiracy if law enforcement plan an arrest of a criminal, but it’s a conspiracy if a bunch of criminals plan to kidnap a state official. So who can tell which side is the correct side, if both sides point out each others as criminals? Well, we’re back to enlightenment again. To realize that you’re holding such a great big picture up-side-own enlightenment is what needed. It’s very easy to believe you have the understanding about the whole picture, as some facts seem so true. And even if some of it is true, this does not state that you have the understanding of its importance or relation to the big picture.

6.1.2    Path to Enlightenment


The Matrix: Neo on his path to Enlightenment

Personal enlightenment at this level is probably the worst journey you can choose in life. I again state that: the more you learn, the more you understand how much you don’t know. I would make a parallel to the movie “The Matrix”, were the character named “Cypher” choose to go back and forget everything. This dossier may be the doorway for you, the red or blue pill choice as in “The Matrix” movie. We are all seekers, but what differ the successful from the unsuccessful? In most, cases I would recommend turning back as Cypher did and just live life without trying to figure out the big picture. Those who choose to move on just because they think it’s fun, don’t realize the depths of this and if things drift out of hand he/she may end up as a monk in Tibet or alike. Well, that won’t make the world a better place. Either which alternative your choice may be, you can read this dossier to the end as it’s “about”. “How” is a way of life. In this case “How” is nothing that you can learn by reading, its understanding that you get by living.

The ultimate understanding delivered by “The Matrix triology”:

  • "Why do you do it Mr. Anderson?” asks Mr Smith.
  • "Because I choose to”, Neo

6.1.3    Responsibilities

Is there any responsibilities to pay attention to if one go further. Well, it’s up to the person. I would say there are lot’s of them. It’s not possible to list them as they are individual. My general statement about responsibilities of those who get enlightened would be: “don’t take personal advantages”. Example: if/when you understand people better than they understand themselves, which is one of the first signs of progress; do not use this understanding to outmaneuver this person to favor yourself. Instead you should help and guide this person – without thinking of payback. Think of therapists, shrinks etc. What if they instead of helping people would use their knowledge and understanding to manipulate people with negative aims? Scary thought. But yet so real.

6.1.4    Is it worth it?

Well, here come the problems. As soon as you begin to identify how much sadness there is out there and how many people and how many structures that needs to be adjusted, things get rough. In the beginning you will get direct payback as your own work will help people out. But when you start to work with changes in structures, things take time and maybe won’t give anything back at all. It’s important that you by time build your own character so that you do not need feedback to feel you done a great job. The greater job, the greater distance from it you will need. The best alternative is to help others to make and get feedback for the changes and all you get is the knowledge that you were the architect. So, is it worth it? Well, if you are searching for public acknowledge I would say No! But for the inner person of you, Yes!

6.1.5    The alternative

What about the alternative: to choose life instead of trying to find out the big picture. Well, as I said before: We are all seekers. Even if you choose life, you wont be able to 100% let go of complaining about society structure, how people treat each others etc, etc. But, as I said before; Reading this dossier may enlighten you to a level were you understand that such complains does not lead anywhere, which make the choice of life even easier.

6.1.6    Is there a way out?

Could you do as Cypher did in the Matrix? I would say no to that question. Why? Well, as soon as you begin to understand some basic of your own views of life, you will see things brighter. This bright side of life is there all the time and darkness is just something we humans put in front to protect us from our own misunderstandings. After understanding and seen proofs of it, you have no possibility to go back. Your constant answer on the question: “How are you?” will be something like “unbeatable”. If you have created this situation, do you think you can turn back? I would say no, not by yourself - and this is why I many times in this dossier warn you. You will begin to experiment with the fundamental principles of your mind and as soon as you are convinced, you have put chains on your own mind. It’s like having a profession without using it. If your own path ends as a monk in Tibet and are fully convinced that that’s true life, then your only savior may be close friends or family members that knows you better than that. If they are able to convince you that you have gone too far and that you must take treatment, then I would say yes to the question about if there is a way out. I guess you understand the dilemma to warn you about.



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