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01 April, 2020
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5. Modern Society (5.6-5.6.3)
Written by Messiah   
Thursday, 06 July 2006

5.6    Control

The most complex part of society is to handle control. To be able to maintain a society based on equality, control is vital. In a society were all get equal possibilities with many shared resources, some will always try to find and make use of weaknesses in the structure. Society control does NOT exist to monitor or trace grass roots movements. It exists because violations against society structure will by time collapse society if not stopped. As the society structure is created by equal people for equal people, those who violate the structure does not respect a society based on equality.

5.6.1    Supervision

Supervision is by many seen as a “Big brother” tool within the society. To understand the good with supervision, you have to understand that the alternative is witnesses. If you compare both alternatives, you will find out that one of them is not based on equality. Supervision shows the real world and witnesses tell their experienced world. Of course outputs from supervision also need analyses, which can cloud equality, but it’s a lot easier than evaluate the memories of a witness. I predict we will se more types of supervision in the future. Cameras are just one of numerous ways to supervise society. However one also must understand the amount of administration and costs that follows such a path. In the short frame I don’t think we will se supervision of minor crimes. I guess supervision will get its real foothold within organized and economic crimes, monitoring everything from money transaction to behavior among for example criminal gangs. However by time I predict that supervision will become something for us to live with. As globalization unites societies, crime gets larger markets to excel in.

5.6.2    Secrecy / Intelligence / Stay behind activities

Parallel to the roll out of supervision, I predict that society intelligence will explode. Someone has to process all information and as this information must be treated as secret, due to personal integrity, the suited organization to handle it is the Intelligence. Some have problem to understand secrecy within a society based on an open democracy. Mark my words: “Don’t make the same mistake”. Secrecy is the prime weapon against organized crime. Without secrecy organized crime would be protected by the basic constitutions of the society. In those constitutions one can read a lot about each individual’s right to his own privacy and integrity. It’s very hard to keep up with criminals if it was no opening in the constitutions, which there are. And as the modern society finds its worst enemies within the society, this is a complex thing to handle. The old way of thinking, believed that protection is against outsiders. Many of the countries in the western world has just realized this and begun to make additions to easier find and process such crimes within society. US “Patriot act” is one of those latest additions to the society. Many other countries followed with their own versions of the Patriot act. I also predict that so called “Stay behind” activities will increase. An example of a stay behind activity is to read a document over the shoulder of a person without he/she knows about it. The information is later reported to a third party (society intelligence). Do not mistake it for squealing. It’s more like spying, but was an undercover agent has an assignment a “stay behind” individual is one of the persons within the crime gang or what ever. Example: US Pays Iraq individuals for intelligence reasons as they fit in society and has the personal network needed.

5.6.3    Judgment and law enforcement complexity

How hard is hard enough? In today’s western societies a common subject of discussion is the one about methods used by the law enforcement (police). This is the result of years and years of refining in the progress of the law enforcement itself. Back to the repeating history: In the beginning of a cycle, the need of order and control is the most vital part, meaning one leader with extremely hard rules. As the one leader has to deal with much, death sentence to crime is the simple solution. However, to gain trust, the leader must distribute his order and control as well as law enforcement to others. This evolvement will towards the end of a history cycle result in the crime being able to turn the law against the law enforcement. The individual has equal rights as the leaders. As this grow major threat against the open society builds up and may turn over to a new recycle of the repeating history. Of course now things get complicated and surely a thin sharp edged. In a growing society which include the ability to, if convicted, raise the case to higher courts outside own country borders, time is again the problem. The same short time frustration and stress, which makes the single ruler to use death sentences against crime to keep order and control. However, in a society without borders, were the single person has equal rights as everybody else an Iron fist law enforcement will not be tolerated. And because the single person has more time to gain public trust than the giant society law enforcement machinery has to process each individual case.

Therefore, yes. We all must understand that: as long as not the complete world have gained same understanding of the societies basic ideas of order/control and law enforcement, the society can not survive with out treating crime with same respect as the criminals treat society. And members of society must understand and tolerate that failures will be occur again and again and again.



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