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24 February, 2020
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4. Secret Societies (4.6.6-4.6.8)

Skull and Bones logo4.6.6    Skulls and Bones

The secret order of Skulls and Bones, “Lodge 322” is probably the most discussed secret society in the USA today. Mainly because George W Bush at an appearance on NBC's “Meet the Press” in February 9 2004 comment the Order as:

-“so secret I can’t talk about it”.

When Tim Russel then asked:

-    “What does that mean for America? The conspiracy theorists are gonna go wild.”

Bush replied:

- “I'm sure they are, I don't know, I haven't seen their webpages yet (laughs)".

The secret society was founded in 1832 by William Huntington Russel and Alphonso Taft, two students who were not admitted into the “Phi Beta Kappa” society at Yale University. William Huntingdon Russell had spent some time studying in Germany and it has been suggested that he was initiated into a secret society while he was there. Some even claim that he was initiated into a continuation of the famous secret order namned “Bavarian Illuminati”. According to rumours there is official material released from Skulls and Bones that supports this theory. It is also suggested that when Bonesmen refer to the order as “Lodge 322” they are acknowledging that they are but a chapter of another secret society.

Each year one of the responsibilities of the fifteen seniors is to select fifteen new junior members to replace them. This is called being "tapped" (selected) for the society. For a year, Bones members meet at least weekly and conducting self-analysis, reveal secrets and confront critique towards each others. The aims are to create long term bounds between them as they leave the university, to be used to accomplish the secret ideas of the order among us others. Membership for each year was up to 1985 official material held in the Yale University archives. Material that covered members elected into the order between 1833 and 1985, with some additional years. A closer look at historical elections shows that elections are done within families prior to election of suitible individuals.

In public the order exist as the corporate name “Russell Trust Association”, which for example owns the “Deer Island” located in the St. Lawrence River between Canada and the United States. The Island serves as a getaway for present members as their official statement of the Island says: “to promote the social intercourse of its members, and to provide for them facilities for recreation and social enjoyment; and to this end, to purchase, hold and convey any property, real or personal, which may be necessary or convenient therefor; to maintain a Club House for the use and benefit of its members; and to adopt by-laws and generally to exercise all the usual powers of corporations not prohibited by said statues”.

Some well known members are: George H.W Bush, John Kerry, George W. Bush, William Howard Taft, Russell W. Davenport and Winston Lord

GeronimoCut and pasted from the May/June 2006 issue of the Yale Alumni Magazine:

- “A recently discovered letter to F. Trubee Davison ’18 from Winter Mead ’19 seems to confirm the rumor that Skull and Bones members plundered the grave of the Apache warrior Geronimo (right) and brought his skull to their “Tomb” in New Haven. The letter begins with a discussion of new members: “Knights” (initiates), including Charles C. Haffner Jr. ’19, had visited Mead to give “dope” (information) about possible candidates. Mead also mentions that Parker B. Allen ’19 had been initiated at Saumur, France. The rest of the letter speculates on the whereabouts of Haffner’s Army unit.”

4.6.7    Propaganda due

The Italian Freemason lodge “Propaganda Due” was founded in 1877 as a Lodge for visiting members unable to attend their own Lodges. In the mid 1960s it only had 14 permanent members, but when Licio Gelli took over he rapidly expanded the membership to over 1000 within a year. Gelli is in the past also known for being involved in the "Black Shirt" expeditionary forces sent by Mussolini to Spain in support to Francisco Franco, and subsequently became a liaison officer between the Italian Black shirt government and Hitler’s Third Reich. The lodge became the target of considerable attention in mid 1980’s. It was the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano (one of Milan's principal banks), and the suspicious 1982 death of its president Roberto Calvi in London, which initiated the attention. He had fled Italy after the bank went bankrupt under his chairmanship with debts of between 700 million and 1.5 billion dollars. Much of the money had been siphoned off via the Vatican Bank, the Istituto per le Opere Religiose (IOR). Calvi’s body was found hanging beneath Black friars Bridge in London (allegedly a Masonic significant location) in June 1982. The cause of death was initially ruled as suicide but was later prosecuted as a murder.

Calvi's connections with the Worshipful Master Licio Gelli became a particular focus of press and police attention, and caused the lodge to be discovered. A list of adherents was found by the police in Gelli's house in Arezzo in March 1981, containing over 900 names, among which were very important state officers, a few politicians, and a number of military officers, many of them enrolled in the Italian secret services. Notably, the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was on the list, although he had not yet entered elective politics at the time. A document was also found in the possession of Licio Gelli titled "Piano di Rinascita Democratica" (Democratic Rebirth Plan) which amounted to a declaration of the lodge's intent; essentially, Gelli's objectives were to form a new political and economical elite to lead Italy towards a more authoritarian form of democracy, in an anti-communist perspective.

It is alleged that the P2 lodge was responsible for the 'Italicus' train bombing of 1974, in which 12 people were killed. Then Prime Minister Arnaldo Forlani was forced to resign, and Giovanni Spadolini of the Republican Party (PRI) was then appointed, leading a center-left coalition. Spadolini was the first Italian prime minister not belonging to the Democrazia Cristiana ("Christian Democrats") party. The lodge was then examined by a special commission of the Italian Parliament, directed by Tina Anselmi of the Democrazia Cristiana. The conclusion of the commission was that it was a secret criminal organization, even if no proof was found of specific crimes committed. Allegations of surreptitious international relationships, mainly with Argentina (Gelli repeatedly suggested he was a close friend of Juan Peron) and with some people suspected of belonging to the American Central Intelligence Agency were also partly confirmed; but soon a political debate overtook the legal level of the analysis.

As late as April 18, 2005, City of London police charged four people with connections to Calvi's murder. These were Flavio Carboni, his ex-girlfriend Manuela Kleinzig and Pippo Calo and Ernesto Diotallevi.

4.6.8    Orange Order

The protestant fraternal “Order of Orange” based in Ulster and Western Scotland has members all over the world. The history of the Order began in Loughgall, Ireland in 1795 after the Freemason, James Wilson, called upon the Masons for help to defend Protestants during disturbance in Benburb in June 1794. However, the Masons refused. James then left Masonry and prophesied that he “would light a star… which would eclipse them forever”.

Today most Europeans hear about the Orange Order 24th of June each year, when they used their “right” to march anywhere on the “Queen’s highway” upholding the principles of the “Glorious Revolution”. The march creates headlines as it almost every year conflicts with Police, Catholics and/or others who see it as provocative.



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