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24 February, 2020
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4. Secret Societies (4.6-4.6.5)

4.6    Some other well known societies

There are countless numbers of secret societies and I just added some of those who are well known. The idea is to make you aware that secret societies really exists and are highly active.

4.6.1    Carbonari

The secret society named Carbonari ("coal-burners") was a revolutionary group (or groups) founded in early 19th century, partially responsible for uprisings revolutions in Spain and Italy, in 1820 - 1848. After 1830 the Italian Carbonari gradually were absorbed by the Risorgimento movement; elsewhere they disappeared. They seemed to have been organized in the fashion of Freemasonry open for Master Masons, broken into small cells scattered across Italy. Idealistically, they sought the creation of a liberal, unified Italy through spontaneous rebellion by the working class, led by university students and intellectuals but also government officials of high rank, officers, and even members of the clergy belonged to it. Also Napoleon the III of France is known to have been a member. The society was condemned by Pope Pius VII the 13th September, 1821, and the society was executed by agents of the "Holy Alliance" between Austria, Prussia and Russia, mastered by the Habsburgs. The movement lost its importance after several conspirators as well as many other liberals had been executed, especially as quarrels broke out among the leaders. The Carbonari’s little revolution however was the beginning of a movement (“Risorgimento”) which later unified Italy and widened the gape between the powerful Roman Church and the newly formed state of Italy. Some say the Carbonari ideals and inspiration was inherited directly from the Illuminati.

4.6.2    Odd Fellows

Odd fellow lodge

An Odd Fellow Lodge

The brotherhood named “Odd fellow” is today maybe the second largest secret society after Freemasonry. It is only open for men, but has a sister organization for women named “Rebekahs”. The Odd Fellow society is known as “The Three Link Fraternity" which stands for Friendship, Love and Truth. The main focus is to: “To Improve and Elevate the Character of Man”. Some claim to trace Odd Fellowship back to Roman times when members of the Roman Legions in England were called "Fellow Citizens". However, the earliest printed record of an Odd Fellows Lodge appears in a reference to a lodge meeting at a Globe Tavern in England, in 1748. This lodge was numbered nine, so apparently there were at least nine associated Odd Fellows lodges at that time. Also the Odd Fellows society seems to have relations with ordinary Freemasonry and/or uses same types of rites and rituals. No religious criteria’s needs to be fulfilled and only individuals recommended by existing brothers are accepted. Humanitarian support is a key part of the Order which normally are active locally and nation wide in major needing areas of society. The Order is spread around the Globe and the numbers of Odd fellow members is around 280.000. Headquarter is located in Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA.

4.6.3    Shriner and Grotto

The Shriners (“Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine”) is an Order appendant to Freemasonry. Until 2000, one had to complete the Scottish Rite or York Rite degrees of Masonry to be eligible for Shrine membership, but now any Master Mason can join. Shrine is a men's fraternity rather than a religion or religious group with more than 500,000 Nobles belonging to 191 Shrine Centers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Panama. The Mysterious Order of the Veiled Prophet of the Enchanted Realm (known as the "Grotto") has similar background as the Shrine. Both societies come from Freemasonry and have adopted the Arabic theme. Initiated in the end of 19th century, the biggest difference is that Shriner has no religious direction and Grotto is only open for Islamists.

AMORC4.6.4    A.M.O.R.C

 The Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (A.M.O.R.C) recalls themselves to have inherited the secrets of the old, 14th century, Rosenkreuz order. It was during this time that Christian Rosencreuz, after traveling in Asia and Africa, attained many secrets. Rosencreuz was credited for starting the organization (Rose Croix or Rosie Cross). The Rosicrucians remained extremely secretive until the 17th century when two books were published: Fama Fraternitatus laudabilis Ordinis Rosaecrusis (The Report of the Laudable Fraternity of Rosicrucians) and Confessio Fraternitatis (The Confession of the Fraternity). Sir Francis Bacon is considered to be Imperator of the Rosicrucians during the late 16th and early 17 century. Sir Isaac Newton is also said to have been a Rosicrucian. The Rosicrucians are devoted to the pursuit of esoteric wisdom. They combine elements of Egyptian Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Jewish Cabalism, and other occult beliefs and practices.

There are also connections with Freemasonry. A Mason of the 18th grade of the Scottish Masonic rite is named “Knight Rose Croix” and it is known that many high grade Masons of the 18th and 19th century also was members of the RosenKreuz Order. And there are maybe even earlier relations. A lesser known legend in Masonic literature tell about the creation of the Rosicrucian Order as early as year 46 when Ormus and his six followers were converted by one of Jesus disciples, Mark. Thereby early Christianity was mixed with Egyptian mysteries. The founder Christian Rosencreuz may not have been the founder, but instead was initiated and become the Grand Master of an already existing Order. It seems like its history also include Knights Templar and Order of the Christ in Portugal, which also is connected with Freemasonry.

A.M.O.R.C is by many a much appreciated Order and reading about them really give life a deeper thought. World peace and harmony is essential in their view of life. In the first time since 1623, they in 2001 published a manifesto with their views of the world of today. Interesting reading which can be downloaded from their homepage on the net. I would say, in comparison, that A.M.O.R.C is more focused on the inside, the mind, of mankind were Freemasonry is more focused on the outside, the society. But otherwise they seem very alike in terms of rites and secrecy. I haven’t found any proof, but I guess it’s likely that they are linked together on a high level of inside structure. A.M.O.R.C is also one of those huge Orders with numerous thousands of members all over the World. There are no restrictions of Gender, religious direction or else. Some well known members in history: Francis Bacon, René Descartes, Jacob Bohme, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, and Sir Isaac Newton.

Phi Beta Kappa4.6.5    Greek Letter Societies

The Greek Letter Societies at US Universities has been operative since 1776. The first was “Phi Beta Kappa” which was settled at William Collage as a secret literary and philosophical society, followed by a second chapter at Harward December 1779 and the third at Yale just four days later. Today there are more that 270 chapters with over a half million members. Phi Beta Kappa (ΦΒΚ) stands for “Philosophia Biou Kubernetes” which translates to "love of wisdom, the guide of life". The mission is "fostering and recognizing excellence" in undergraduate liberal arts and sciences and to be elected to Phi Beta Kappa remains one of the highest honors a student can receive. Today the society isn’t as secret as it used to be. Elections in some cases are even published in local university papers. Among the elected one can find names like: Condoleezza Rice, Lawrence B. Lindsey, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Francis Ford Coppola, Henry Kissinger, George H.W. Bush, Theodore Roosevelt. And as honorary member’s names like: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter, Isaac Asimov and John D. Rockefeller



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