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24 February, 2020
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4. Secret Societies (4.5.8-4.5.12)

Jesuits seal4.5.8    The Jesuits

 The Society of Jesus (Societas Iesu in Latin) is a religious order in direct service to the Pope. Founded in Paris August 1534 the Order was officially approved by Pope Paul III. Its members, called “Jesuits”, are by many referred to as the popes own “Elite” or “Shock troops” and are known to have been involved in many bloody conflicts in history. The order was suppressed in almost whole Europe in late 18th century due to the protestant movement, but survived within the Polish western provinces Russian Empire. In early 19th century it rose again and quickly spread all over the world. Today the Jesuits have around 20.000 members and are organized with priests, brothers and ministries in 112 nations on six continents. It is the largest religious order in the Catholic Church. Their work today is focused on education and intellectual contributions, primarily at colleges and universities.

4.5.9    Opus dei

The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei, commonly known as Opus Dei (Latin for "Work of God"), is one of the most discussed societies within Catholic Church. It was founded in 1928 and was elevated to a personal prelature by Pope John Paul II in 1982 through the apostolic constitution, meaning it’s like a parallel hierarchy within the hierarchy. Opus dei is by many theologians, including catholic ones, seen as a contemporary sign of contradiction within the Roman Catholic Church. Opus Dei was denounced as a heresy by churchmen in the 1940s but is now considered one of the contributors to a central doctrine of the Second Vatican Council, the universal call to holiness and is supported by Catholic leaders world-wide. Opus Dei today have around 85,000 members spread over Africa (2%), Asia(5%), America(35%) and Europe(55%).

4.5.10    The Focolare Movement

Focolare means “hearth” or “family fireside” and the movement were founded, in Trent Italy 1943, by Chiara Lubich. As being the child, birth 1920, of true socialist parents, she learnt about the great two forces of mankind (Socialism and Religion). She did choose to combine the two into what today is the Focolare movement.

The Focolare Movement is a growing society and is present today in more than 182 nations and reaches over five million people. It was first approved by the Pope in 1962, and its successive developments were approved in 1990. The movement has been prized by the Orthodox Church, by the Anglican and Lutheran Churches, by representatives of other religions and by a number of international organizations.

  • “Through living this spirituality in various social and cultural spheres, many opportunities for fruitful dialogues have opened up in the Catholic world, thus contributing to the unity among individuals, groups, movements and associations; with Christians of different denominations in order to work together for full communion; with believers of different faiths; with people of no religious conviction. Through these dialogues, the Focolare Movement works with many others towards the unity of the human family.”

The above text is taken from the official Focolare page on Internet. Focolare is in deed an interesting movement. Even if I can’t find any proofs, I feel this movement is tightly related with and possibly steered by the Roman Catholic Church. It seems similar to the Opus Dei society but without the Catholic boarders. On the outside it seems like the perfect movement to unite all religions of the world under one umbrella. But, I feel it’s still too secret to trust for such.

Today it seems to be accepted in religious communities in the same way socialism spread over the world in the late 19th century and the beginning of 20th century. Maybe its time to give birth to a new definition: “Relisocialism”. Time will tell: If I am close to right, we will experience some type of revolution within the religious communities soon. Bringing such future into mind, I can’t stop myself from creating two hypothetic links between the ideals of the Illuminati and the Focolare movement: 1) Revolutions 2) A Global Church. It sure will be interesting to follow the development of this movement.

4.5.11    Catholicism the Antichrist and ad-Dajjal personified?

History divides Christianity into two large Churches (Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic) in the past. One can follow the dark and bloody path of the Teutonic Knight who seems to be one of many brut force allied of the Roman Catholics and parallel one can follow the brighter path of the Templar’s, Byzantine/Orthodox and possible the Freemasons. When we talk of East and west in modern society, isn’t it really this split we’re addressing?

I won’t make any direct statement around this as I’m not an historian, but I think there is a lot here to be further investigated. Fact is that the Vatican has spread so much horror in the past and declared so many of being the so called “Antichrist”, that one can wonder if the personalization of “Antichrist” wouldn’t fit the Roman Catholic Church generally better, particularly the role of the Pope, than anything else.

Such a manifestation would certainly be accepted in the Islam world were the counterpart to antichrist is named “ad-Dajjal” with very similar attributes. Islamic traditions regarding “ad-Dajjal” mention these attributes:

- “He will deceive the faithful, teaching them that Heaven is Hell and vice versa.”

Comment: This must be related to internal or external faith. Either you have faith in the holy texts or you have faith in your own view of things. The Pope certainly addresses the first one as being the correct, but what if he is wrong?

- "He will have the power to work miracles in order to mislead believers.”

Comment: The Pope certainly has this power.

- “He will try to put Man on God's throne.”

Comment: The Pope justifies his own existence.

- “He will have the Arabic letters kaf, fa and ra (kafir) branded on his forehead.”

- “He will be physically misshapen, and blind in one eye.”

Comment: These two attributes is certainly easy to accomplish

- “He will have the ability to revive the dead, and consequently claim to be God.”

Comment: This last attribute is probably the hardest to achieve. But if reading the attributes using a spiritual mind one can accomplish this too.

The above is very similar attributes as the attributes of the Christian antichrist. So what am I saying? Is the Pope the antichrist and the Islam counterpart ad-Dajjal? Well, I won’t make that statement, but I would define the possibility is as real as many other things in holy texts.

4.5.12    Conclusion


A secret society?


A Secret Society?

The only real conclusion I can make out of Catholicism and the comparison with secret societies is that they in fact are a large, probably the largest, structured “mind” (Note: not moral) power of the world and most probably the Vatican also agrees on that their own understandings need to be evolved and preserved, which most likely require similar secrecy as secret societies. Studying the Vatican and the “Holy See” create many thoughts. One can create an thought were the Vatican’s Holy See is the “mind” supervision structure of the world, the Vatican state the legal connections with the world and the Catholic church is the elite and the grass root “mind” force of the world. If, there are old and unmodern aims/orders integrated into this structure, one can understand why it has caused many conflicts in history. However, don’t map this to a conspiracy, not yet.



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