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24 February, 2020
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4. Secret Societies (4.4.5-4.4.11)

4.4.5    Preserve and evolve understanding

A dialectic

“Broadly speaking, a dialectic (Greek: διαλεκτική) is an exchange of propositions (theses) and counter-propositions (antitheses) resulting in a disagreement. The aim of the dialectical method, often known as dialectic or dialectics, is to try to resolve the disagreement through rational discussion. Synthesis (from the Greek words syn = plus and thesis = position) is commonly understood to be an integration of two or more pre-existing elements which results in a new creation. The term is broad in meaning and can apply to physical, ideological, and/or phenomenological entities. In dialectics, synthesis is the final result of attempts to reconcile the inherent contradiction between thesis and antithesis.” –

Adam didn’t create the idea of synthesis, but the core of Illuminati ideology was to evolve and preserve understanding and Adam used the dialectic as the key component to evolve understanding within the Illuminati order. Adam then incorporated a degree based education into the order, copying much directly from the Jesuits. Thereby he also had the key to preserve the understanding. In modern days the Dialectic is used as standard evolution of knowledge and understanding in Universities all over the world.

4.4.6    The success

By 1780 the order grew quickly and national directors were settled in many European countries. At the top of existence the Illuminati could count more than 2000 high rank officials, leaders and profound members all over Europe and possibly even elsewhere as Freemasonry existed and shared thoughts all over the world. The order was a huge success and membership was more than wanted. People would almost do anything to be a member. The success of Illuminati also boosted the creation of many similar secret societies. Even the founding fathers of USA spoke well of Adam. Thomas Jefferson who also served as president of USA publicly defended the order and its founder before its dramatic fall.

4.4.7    The fall of the Illuminati

Of course it was inevitable that such a huge success among the elites of Europe should be followed by a huge fall. The stress of operating a secret society with the constant threat of public exposure and banishment became too big. The Jesuits along with many and others began to spread negative propaganda. The propaganda reached the Bavarian elector, pointing out the Freemasonic Lodge “Theodore” as being against the church. The elector directed that inquires to be made and the lodge that was in almost total control by the Illuminati was ordered to be dissolved. Many other lodges followed the same destiny. A giant gap between Adam and Knigge was created as a result of the negative impact on Freemasonry that the Illuminati created. Knigge who in heart was a Freemason could not defend the increasing negative force that was building up against the Illuminati. He left to Order and ended his relation with Adam. Some even think it was Knigge, who by using his Freemason connections, made four university professors (both Freemasons and Illuminati members) to disclose the Orders secrets before the elector to stop further investigations of the freemasonry.

In 1785, with police raids, public trails and banishments, the Illuminati order along with freemasonry was banned in Bavaria. Adam Weishaupt was dismissed from his post at the University and was given a pension of some 40 pounds, which he refused. Illuminati now were officially forever dissolved, but yet to become even more powerful. If anything, the Order survived only as ideas, rather than a working organization. Banned, Adam journeyed to Regenburg, where he began a pamphlet war with his “Apologie der Illuminaten” as a defense of the Order. He subsequently found refuge in the estate of Ernest, Count of Saxe-Gotha, and a previous member of the Order. Adam later became a professor at the University of Gottingen; where he continued his work for the afterworld surrounding his work with the Order.

Adams own words from after the fall of the Order:

- "Whoever does not close his ear to the lamentations of the miserable, nor his heart to gentle pity; whoever is the friend and brother of the unfortunate; whoever has a heart capable of love and friendship; whoever is steadfast in adversity, unwearied in the carrying out of whatever has been once engaged in, undaunted in the overcoming of difficulties; whoever does not mock and despise the weak; whose soul is susceptible of conceiving great designs, desirous of rising superior to all base motives, and of distinguishing itself by deeds of benevolence; whoever shuns idleness; whoever considers no knowledge as unessential which he may have the opportunity of acquiring, regarding the knowledge of mankind as his chief study; whoever, when truth and virtue are in question, despising the approbation of the multitude, is sufficiently courageous to follow the dictates of his own heart, - such a one is a proper candidate. The tenor of my life has been the opposite of everything that is vile; and no man can lay any such thing to my charge."

Adam died in Gotha in 1830, 45 years after he was banished from Bavaria. 45 year is a long time, which of course creates thoughts about what he possible could accomplish until he died. Of course it’s possible that some of the previous Illuminati members, Freemasons or others, who believed in him, continued working with him even after the fall of the Order. One can even wonder if banishing Adam wasn’t the perfect punishment made by those who really wanted him to continue his work, as then he was officially punished, but still being able to continue his work. Officially a professor at the University of Gottingen until his death, but unofficially – who knows… Yet, either if, it does not prove the existence of the great conspiracy.

4.4.8    A greater power than the Order itself

In USA, Freemasonry was widely spread, John Adams declared May 9, 1798 to be a day of fasting and prayer, "to implore Heaven's mercy and benediction on the imperiled nation.”. By many this initiative was seen as one of many proofs that Order had survived and the Illuminati hysteria in the New World began. The so called “May day” also referred to as “Labor day” was in 1884 moved to the 1st of May, at the Chicago convention for the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions. The official reason was to synchronize the day with International events. Even if this occurred almost 100 years later it again raised the hysteria as it was on the 1st of May the Order of the Illuminati was originally created. The rumors of the possible survival of the Order by time has grown as a conspiracy and infiltrated leading power in all parts of world. Even today when the historical need for total secrecy does not exist anymore; some try to achieve greater power by claiming to have origins from the Orders wide spread network of control and power. One of many quotes of Adam, which still today give conspiracy believers the shivers:

- “The great force of our kind lays in its dissimulation; that it never appears under its proper name, but always under cover of another name, another activity.”

4.4.9    The New World Order Conspiracy

I won’t go into the depths of the conspiracy itself, but I must mention that it has grown over the years. It seems like in most cases, the once who the most fear the source, adds the most to the rumors. Both Illuminati and the Freemasons has got so much negative propaganda over the years, that it is no wonder the great conspiracies theorists keep believe themselves. As an example beside all information on the Internet, I encourage you to read books and see videos of the late Barry Smith (died June 2002), who I say was one of the best bible interpreters who fully believed in the great conspiracy. His parallels between bible and the conspiracy are so good, that even he got stuck in the one-way street that the great conspiracy theory is.

4.4.10    Rumors regarding communism

Rumors tells a history about Karl Marx working together with a “League of just men” with Illuminati background when writing the Communism manifesto and that Russian revolutionaries initially called themselves “Spartacusts” after Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati pseudonym. The “Spartacusts” then renamed themselves to “Bolsheviks” and then to “Communists”.

4.4.11    Conclusion

My conclusions are clean and simple: The Order of the Illuminati died out, but many of its ideals survived. Possibly even with the help from Adam after the fall of the Order. However, I can imagine even Adam and his follower’s understood that it isn’t possible to create a secret society that could preserve absolute power if it ever got it. A closer look at history of rulers, confirms it. I should even say it’s possible that the communism rumor is true, but then Marx, Lenin, Stalin and the others did not understand the true nature of human and therefore instead created a masterpiece of horror. However an independent cell organized society like the Freemasons could easily incorporate ideals such as those who Adam promoted. But, to link such a thought to a conspiracy is wrong. To understand why, understanding of society itself as a continuous evolving organism is the key. Further reading will bring light on the path of enlightenment and possibly even open the door for you.



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