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24 February, 2020
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4. Secret Societies (4.4-4.4.4)

Cross4.4    The Illuminati

The name “Illuminati” is Latin and is best translated to “Enlightened ones”. Understanding the meaning of the name it’s also make sense to choose such a name for a secret order during times when church was in almost total control. In fact there are many different groups, societies and peoples who have used the name in history. The oldest known writings that relates to the name is dated 1492 and tells about “The Alumbrados of Spain”. Its supposed leader La Beata de Piedrahita was accused before the Inquisition in 1511.

Even if the name is used frequently in history, it’s the one and only “Bavarian Illuminati” who all refers to when mentioning “The Illuminati”. The Bavarian Illuminati was created by Adam Weishaupt and was initially named “The order of Perfectabilists”. This is the secret order that people even today refer to as active and alive.

4.4.1    Bavaria

The Holy Roman Empire with the Vatican as its central power had over a long time rolled out Catholicism as a major European force. Bavaria, Germany, was a Catholic success of the time (18th century) with the Jesuits pulling almost all political strings. It is ironic that it is in such an environment that their greatest opponent would be born.

Brief about Bavaria:

The Free State of Bavaria (Bayern) forms the southernmost of the 16 states of Germany. Its capital is Munich. Bavarians are typically very conservative Catholics, contrasting markedly with the more casual attitude to religion in much of the rest of Germany. The current pope, Benedict XVI, is a true product of Bavaria.

Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor gave Bavaria to the Wittelsbach family, who ruled from 1180 to 1918. Napoleon made it a kingdom in 1806. Bavaria managed to preserve its independence by playing off the rivalries of Prussia and Austria, but the 1866 Austro-Prussian War led to its incorporation into the German Empire. After years of political conflicts and World War I, the socialist premier of Bavaria (Kurt Eisner) who deposed the last king of Bavaria (Ludwig III) was assassinated in 1919, which lead to a violently suppressed communist revolt. Extremist activity increased and peaked with the so called “Beer Hall Putsch” in November 1923 were Munich and Nuremberg became strongholds under Hitler’s Nazi command.

Adam4.4.2    Adam Weishaupt

Back to history: Adam Weishaupt was born the 6th of February 1748. The father, professor of Canon law at University of Ingolstadt, died when Adam was seven. Adam was brought up by his godfather, Baron von Ickstatt, a member of the Privy Council. This gave Adam free access to the Barons magnificent library. A library which contained works from most Enlightenment philosophers.

With support from the Baron, did Adam choose the same path as his father and studied canon law at Ingolstadt University. He graduated in 1768 and rose quickly within the Jesuit-dominated institution. In 1773 he was professor of Natural and Canon Law and parallel to his official character, he had developed strong feelings for Atheism and prominent dislike of the Jesuits. His hard work made him dean of the law faculty two years later and his atheistic side started to form an idea of a secret society, with ideals from Enlightenment, a society with abilities to dissolve the, in his eyes, corrupt and superstitious force characterized by the Jesuits. A society with goals to create a Rousseauian vision of a world free from constraints government and church, where humanity would exist in a universal community with nature.

Adam wanted a world built using representative democracy were happiness, understanding, intellectual evolvement along with nature would be standard, a place were people would have equal possibilities no matter of background. His radical ideas slowly formed an order copying structures from the successful Jesuits, which he knew well. The order, initially named “The order of Perfectabilists” was ready for the first outside members May the 1st 1776. The order which today is referred to as “The Illuminati” was born.

4.4.3    Secrecy and the relation with freemasons

Trained by the Jesuits Adam know he had to have highest possible secrecy to be able to fulfill his ideas with the order. Otherwise it most probably would be stopped by the Jesuits. Who else but the Freemasons could guarantee the level of secrecy he needed. Adam know that and when Illuminati around 1778 had grown to around 200-300 members, Baron Adolph von Knigge was recruited. Beside being a Freemason, Knigge was a noted German playwright and novelist. Knigge became Adams right hand in developing Illuminati as a secret society. They copied many of the ideas and rites directly from Freemasonry, which was proven to be effective. Another Freemason, Baron Xaverius von Zwack, was recruited into Areopagites (the ruling council of Illuminism) become very effective in recruiting new members from within Freemasonic lodges. As the success grew, many freemasonic lodges just added an “Illuminized” degree into their degree system and thereby were integrated with the Illuminati order.

4.4.4    Purpose of the Order

The original goals of the Order have never been revealed. So the goals below are my own goals created to act as a simulation of the Orders possible goals. They based upon the reading I’ve done surrounding the Order, its success, its creator and my own conclusions. I did this to create understanding in how a simple idea can expand to enormous proportions. Read these goals with the eyes of a leader in the late 17th century and correlate it with your newly gained understanding of the repeating history.

Primary goal

Adam had identified that human happiness is related to individual evolution along with nature itself. If humans do not evolve, they by time loose faith in themselves and life itself and most possibly will become mental slaves under those who claim control over faith itself. The needed individual evolution included things like education, poetry, philosophy, science, love, freedom among everything else that nature can offer. The problem is that almost everything was in some way controlled by the church and its values, which ultimately controlled human happiness. So the primary long term goal of the Order was to reclaim control of happiness to the humans from the Church.

1st Cornerstone

As Adam saw the church as a threat to the understanding of science and nature, the first Cornerstone with the Order was to ensure that the understanding of science and nature was preserved and evolved.

2nd Cornerstone

Adam also knew that even if the first Cornerstone was secured, there would be no possibility to make anything with science or nature as long as the church had wide support by the public. Therefore the second Cornerstone of the Order was to separate state and the church, apply a representative democracy for the state elite and making the public realize the equal possibility and responsibility to take part in and be led by the elite.

3rd Cornerstone

Adam was never against religion as he among most intellectual individuals knew that faith is a vital part of humanity. But he understood that the church would be a constant threat to stability as it gains almost absolute power over its believers. By using the old motto: “All power corrupts and absolute power corrupts in its absolute form”, he sets the third Cornerstone of the Order which was to gain control over the church and unite all religions under its care, without loosing the religious believers. The control of this united church of all religions then would be given back to a new elite of religious representatives. A religious elite were corruption was controlled by similar constitutions as in the state to ensure their religion do not encounter conflict between religions themselves or with the state.

4th and last Cornerstone

As Adam also understood that world states (countries) are built and evolved based on local governments with their own values. This of course would make a possible threat to whole idea, if one state claims to have better terms for living, religion, work, trade, property, health, security or else.

The fourth and the last Cornerstone thereby was set to create a one world democracy were all country states would be represented and differences in terms by time would be minimized.

By reading the above simulated goals of the Order, which is likely to be something that the Order could have been built upon, you can understand why conspiracy theorists dwell in events which they can claim to be apart of the great conspiracy. How ever, don’t make that mistake yourself. Not yet.



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