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26 February, 2020
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4. Secret Societies (4.3.9-4.3.14)

Yitzhak Rabbin4.3.9    Freemasonic example: Israel

The Jewish state of Israel was created in 1948 by the United Kingdom as a result of the vast persecution of Jews in history and especially during World War II. This negotiation was initiated in the end of the 19th century. The Jews who always have seen themselves as the aboriginals of the region, with history back to year 1200 BC, had been suppressed by many rulers in history and now, in 1948, they for once got their own state. One can wonder why Jews has been persecuted thru history. Logically it can be as simple as, their old holy text were put together to create the first real holy book (The Old Testament) and by being the first in any area, one per definition set the basic rules of the area, which in many cases cause envy and conflicts. However, it can also be because they proclaim their book as “the only path” for mankind, which causes a direct conflict with those who disagree. Of course these types of conflicts are connected with the most precious values of those involved and who else than the Freemasons, with their religious transparency and their views of humanity, can be put as center of the hub. And by time solve this religious knot. The state of Israel has more than 4000 high elite Freemasons spread over around 80 Lodges. Israel is believed to be the most active and controlled state of Freemasonry. During the negotiations for famous “Oslo Accords” declaration in August 1993 both Yitzhak Rabin, prime minister of Israel, and the Norwegian foreign minister who was the mediate, seems to have been a Freemasons.

Israel is the perfect place to solve the religious problems of the Earth, as all major religions have important interests in the area. Even the Freemasons themselves claim to have been involved when King Salomons temple was built in around year 900 BC and according to them, King Salomon was the first Grand Master of Freemasonry.

A rumor speak of an altar in the Grand Freemason Lodge of Jerusalem, on were one can find three holy books on top of each others; The Old testament, which represent Judaism, the new testament representing Christianity and the Koran representing Islam. On top of the books one can find the Square and the Compass which represents Freemasonry.

It’s an interesting rumor and it would fit logically into the great picture if one would characterize the state of Israel as a building project of Freemasonry and the Jerusalem Grand Lodge as the central administration with the aim to unite the religions in the true understanding of their own part as conflict creators in the world.

4.3.10    Disliked by many

One should know that the Freemasons themselves claim to have many priests of all rangs and religions as members, without them seeing any contradiction to their own official work in the church. Freemasonry is in its origin transparent to religions and conflicts are created by opposing side.

Freemasonry has always been disliked by the Roman Catholic Church and has by many been seen as their spiritual opposite (antithesis). More than twelve Popes has condemned Freemasonry in history and the Vatican ”Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”, formerly “the Holy Office” and even earlier in history known as the “Inquisition”, again in 1981 officially warned Catholics that they risk excommunication for joining Freemasonic lodges.

Fascist leaders like Hitler, Mussolini and Franco banned Freemasonry for its ability to influence politics and made parallels to evil conspiracies and the global Jewish so called “Elders of Zion” threat.

4.3.11    Charity and Affinity

Looking at Freemasonry and different areas of operation, one will find that many Lodges have developed in certain directions and charity has always been one of the greatest parts of Freemasonry. By looking at the amount of charity, both economical and as a helping hand, one understands that there are both rich and powerful members involved. Impressively large amount a charity is spread into areas of needs, decided upon the local Lodge members own judgements or by centralized administration if major disasters occur in society.

The main reason for the “low grade” existence is of course affinity. Members meet, become friends and share thoughts about life in general with each others as any normal community does. However, the higher member grades may include deeper meaning and agendas that would justify the secrecy.

4.3.12    Secrecy beyond fatigue

Freemasonry has been active forever and millions of members share joy and friendship, but the negative side is that they are by oaths and rites forbidden to reveal any secrets of Freemasonry. This, of course, has become a giant problem as for the large quantity of members there aren’t much to be revealed.

And as many members get so much out of being members, they very often argue for a kind of Freemasonry which is more open and official. Christopher Knight and Dr. Robert Lamas, active at the University of Bradford England, are two very known’s members who have spent many years documenting and investigating freemasonry. Their conclusion is presented in three words in the beginning of their book “The Book of Hiram”. The three words are: “Freemasonry is dying”. Their conclusion is of course related to the fact that the historical need of secrecy is playing out its role within our modern and open society.

This is of course heavily discussed within Freemason lodges over the globe. One interesting thing they have created is internet site were Freemasons are able to express their view of the meaning of Freemasonry. The contributions are open to anyone to read and I must say it is interesting reading.

The meaning of Masonry URL:

4.3.13    Is Freemasonry a global power?

Conspiracy theorists dwell in what they call proof of the Great Conspiracy led mainly by the Freemasons and in general consists in creating a “NEW WORLD ORDER”. The term “NEW WORLD ORDER” should not be mistaken for the Latin quote “Novus Ordo Seclorum" on the dollar bill, which actually is quote from the Greek poet Publius Vergilius Maro, year 70BC – 19BC, and should be translated to “New Order of the Ages”. However, the term “NEW WORLD ORDER” has been used frequently in history and especially by the allied leaders during the Great War, World War II and post war politics.

The 9 heads of G8

The 9 heads of G8

To understand the definition of the term “NEW WORLD ORDER” one has to contrast it with the “OLD WORLD ORDER”, which by definition is the old world of Empires ruled by Emperors. It’s opposite; “NEW WORLD ORDER” is a world ruled by the citizens and the society elite. There is no doubt that Freemasons are involved in many areas of world politics in the same way as Jews, Muslims, Catholics, atheists and others are too. There is no contradiction to it at all. It’s highly inevitable. It is also very likely that the Rothschild’s, the Bildbergers and other famous groups and families that often are accused for being involved in conspiracies, actually are involved, but that does not make it and conspiracy. Some even think the “G” in “G8” is the same “G” that Freemasons use in their logo. Even if this is true, I can’t find any contradiction in it. To make a conspiracy of Freemason in a chair of world politics is as wrong as accusing the Pope for conspiring to become God.

4.3.14    Chapter conclusion

During my reading about Freemasonry in history and today, I found their view of life more interesting and positive than I though I would. By reading their constitutions and by trying to understand how they have been able to succeed to such a degree world wide, I cannot draw parallels of any evil or negative kind to their work or addiction. Many moderate individuals point out the thin line were Freemason may act as a state in the state, which I fully agree on. However, to educate and involve people in important tasks of our society should not be mistaken for being a state in the state. Freemasons of course should work in under the laws of the state, which I have found no contradictions in.

I think a deeper understanding in their work, their ideals and view of life would generally serve mankind well. However, I also understand what it means to be apart of the higher elite and I definitely understand the consequences if a whole Lodge fall into corruption such as the “Propaganda due” Lodge did, which is mentioned later in this dossier.

The Freemasons would definitely be involved if there is conspiracy. However, again, I feel that those who claim them of being part of the conspiracy are the ones who fear them the most.



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