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23 February, 2020
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4. Secret Societies (4.3.6-4.3.8)

The constitution4.3.6    Rumours led to a public constitution

As the society became aware of Freemasonry many rumours circulated. The situation was the same in history as it is today; conspiracy theorists spread rumours just because Freemasons were involved in the highest elite of society. But, do not make this mistake yourself. Not yet.

However, to clear out rumours and misunderstanding a manifest called the “Anderson’s Constitutions” was released by the Grand Lodge in London, England in year 1723. To be known is that this little piece of manifest, written by the Swedish descendant Dr. James Andersson which became the world wide constitution of Freemasonry, was not just put together by a bright mind. The manifest actually was put together using two old documents dated between 1350 and 1390, but wasn’t identified as Masonic until April 18 year 1839 (116 year later).

“Gothic Constitutions” is the name Dr. Anderson applied to the old documents he used when writing the Constitutions of 1723. How about if I told you that these so called “Gothic Constitutions” is dated with same years as the extraordinary time of the Kalmar Union and Queen Margaret and what if I told you that the liberating documents by King Magnus (“Littera libertatis kareliensium”) and King Erik (“Littera libertatis regis Erici"), mentioned earlier, may actually be related with each others or even be the same documents?

The constitution of 1723 made it official that Freemasons was more than builders of great buildings. The ideals of Freemasonry thereby were to create a better society based on the motto “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity”. There was no secrecy in their policy to gain leading roles in the society elite and to establish a solid platform for a better society. Rumours tell stories about Freemasonic activities against the British Empire which led to foundation of USA and also activities related to the French and Russian revolutions.

4.3.7    The union split between Sweden and Norway

The end of the 19th century had become problematic for the Swedish King Oscar II who also ruled Norway. After decades of political conflicts a change had to be made. The Norwegian people wanted their own control and the republic of Norway was seen as the path. Afraid of the Swedish reactions Norway mobilized the military. Many high rank authorities became involved while trying to find a peaceful solution. Also Alfred Nobel was highly involved, which initiated the Nobel Peace Prize, today symbolically handled by Norway.

One key factor in the solution to the state crisis was the conference in Karlstad, Sweden, in 1905. It was during this conference, against all odds, the decision was made to keep monarchy, but except using Swedish royalty, a Danish prince, Carl, was announced as the new king, Haakon VII, of Norway.

Karlstad Conferense

Media’s view of the Karlstad Conference

The Norwegian people got their own king and control over their own country. And of course, the conference in Karlstad was held in a Freemason Lodge.

4.3.8    What does Freemasons think of religion?

Below text is extracted from the "Charges" part about GOD and Religion in the Freemason constitution which became official in 1723.

- “A Mason is oblig'd, by his Tenure, to obey the moral Law; and if he rightly understands the Art, he will never be a stupid Atheist, nor an irreligious Libertine. But though in ancient Times Masons were charg'd in every Country to be of the Religion of that Country or Nation, whatever it was, yet 'tis now thought more expedient only to oblige them to that Religion in which all Men agree, leaving their particular Opinions to themselves; that is, to be good Men and true, or Men of Honour and Honesty, by whatever Denominations or Persuasions they may be distinguish'd; whereby Masonry becomes the Center of Union, and the Means of conciliating true Friendship among Persons that must have remain'd at a perpetual Distance.”

This tells us that religions and faiths of any kind are accepted by the Freemasons but are of subordinate importance compared to ideals of Honor, Honesty, and Friendship etc. Knowing the history, one can make parallels to the similar ideals that existed in the Byzantine Empire. These ideals did most likely follow the Orthodox Church to Russia and resulted in the events in southern Finland as mentioned before. If there is a connection in between, was it the extraordinary events in southern Finland which initiated it, which also led to Protestantism, Reformation and Enlightenment of Europe? Definitely interesting thoughts! A parallel could also be made to the fact that Sweden by time developed into a true protestant state and Freemasonry became well accepted and protected by the highest authorities. Members of the Swedish Royal Family have always and still are protectors and Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of Sweden.


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