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22 February, 2020
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4. Secret Societies (4.3-4.3.4)

Freemason logo4.3    Freemasonry

The Freemasons are today most likely the greatest global secret society that exists. They are separated into a countless number of lodges around the world, which not necessary have anything to-do with each others. The origins of freemasonry seem a bit uncertain. Many link their history to the Order of the Knights Templar or even longer back in time. The legend about the origins tells about King Salomon, who built the Temple of Salomon around 950 BC, as being the first freemasonry grand master. The history of constructing large buildings like Castles, Cathedrals etc of course goes back all way to the construction of impressive buildings as for example the pyramids in Egypt and as King Salomon's Temple was the most famous and sacred place with secrets, one can understand why today’s Freemasons refer to the construction of this temple as the initiation of their society.

It is known that the best way of controlling a human mind is to place him or her in a controlled and powerful environment such as a building. Think of it. When you are in a great cathedral or a castle, one can’t ignore the fact that it affects one’s emotions. The constructors and architects of great building were seen as more than normal workers in history. They shouldn’t be misscompared with bricklayers and those who built small buildings. The Stone Masons skills made them into vise men who was thought to be able to create miracles with their hands and minds. There was a special type of Stone Masons, which was characterized by the fact that they didn’t have any specific home. They lived at their working place and when finished, they moved to the next. These Masons added the word “Free” due to their way of life which literally was the origin to the “Freemason” society. The Freemasons were hired for the most advanced and impressive works, which also made them extra wanted and recommended for new building projects. Advanced skills and knowledge during the middle ages and before was hard to reach and the Freemasons traveled all over Europe, which made them extra independent from nation-state boarders. To construct giant buildings is one thing, to handle the logistics is another and sometimes an even greater task. Specially when building castles, bastillions and fortresses.

4.3.1    The Guilds and their lodges

Grand Lodge England

The Grand lodge of London, England.

As these building projects could take decades to finish, the planning and stay of the Freemasons were important. The today so mythical lodges of Freemasonry in history were the place where planning, resting and living took place. The lodge was in most cases the first thing to be finished. Depending on the greatness of a project, the lodge either was given back to the owner or became a permanent Freemason institution, “the Guild”, were secrets of the building was protected and preserved. The Guilds and their lodges also served as meeting places for Freemasons were new projects found skilled workers.

4.3.2    The Secrets

In history killing and conflicts was a part of life. Therefore rulers and rich people built great buildings to protect themselves. To become extra secure, they also needed secret passages, hidden rooms and escape paths if the building would come under attack. A secret library with forbidden books wasn’t that uncommon either during the ages of religious suppression. Fact is that if someone knew the secrets of a building, this of course would be devastating. Especially for a building that would be standing for centuries to come, such as a castle, a fortress or likewise. This made it extra important to engage trusted constructors and architects. The Freemasons of course was the only choice as they had no local relation and had created a way to handle such guarantees.

Rites4.3.3    The Rites

What have made the myth of the Freemasons so famous isn’t really that hard to understand. But conspiracy theorists like to dwell in satanistic rituals to put Freemasonry in a negative light. However, the origins of the rituals are just to ensure all involved in the building project understand the consequences of unveiling the secrets. Therefore oath and rites are used to bind members (“Brothers”) to each others. To betray the Lodge most likely mean a lot more than just being expelled from the Lodge. And here comes the grades. Of course higher secrets need higher bounds to the Lodge. And as some secrets only can be unveiled before undoubtedly trusted members the need for an advanced degree system is vital. By establishing the Lodge as an institution beside the finished project, these secrets can be preserved for generations to come. The rites and grade system then has evolved during centuries of usage.

4.3.4    Black and white

As the Freemasons became such a clear court for simple but vital “laws”, they also were seen as good examples on how to handle conflicts. They were often rewarded for their straightness and ability to deliver in time. History of Freemasonry speaks of the 17th century as a time of quick growth and a time when Lodges began to initiate members which were not Masons by profession. The reason may have been that their power had grown and high rank individuals and other intellectuals wanted to take part in their societies. But the other alternative, which seems more likely, is that people outside found a good hideout for ideals which was not officially allowed by the increasing power of the Holy Roman Empire.

Checkered pattern at police uniformThe Freemasons ability to judge right from wrong is by many seen as the basics of law and order of modern society. This is by symbolized by the chessboard pattern of white and black squares, which are found almost everywhere in our modern society. Take a closer look at uniforms of the Police force in western countries today. A general understanding and opinion is that Freemasons always has been seeking the highest elite roles in law and order – but it can also be vise verse. Their ability to by honest, truth and straightness as humans has made them highly respected and wanted on these positions.



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