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24 February, 2020
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4. Secret Societies (4.2.3)

Teutonic Knights4.2.3    The Teutonic Order

 The Teutonic Order (German: Deutscher Orden) who wore white coats with a black cross were a German crusading military order under Roman Catholicism. The Order was formed in the end of the 12th century in Acre in Palestine. As they appeared later in the Holy Land, they faced stiff competition from the more established Templar’s and Hospitaliers. After Christian forces were defeated in the Middle East, they moved to Transylvania in 1211 after invitation, but were expelled in 1225.

Were they really expelled?

One can wonder if the aims of their visit to Transylvania were to build/train an “Iron curtain” between the Byzantine Empire and the Orthodox movement in Russian which was established by the “Varangians”. The afterworld in the areas tells a story of much brutality. The “Order of the Dragon”, commissioned by Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund, was created by the Serbian knight Milos Obilic with the purpose to wipe out the Ottoman Empires sultan Murad I. This Order included as an example Vlad III  Tepes, which is known as “Vlad the Impaler” and is thought to be the modern character “Dracula”. Vlad III actually was named “Dracula” after his father Vlad II Dracul. The name is really derived from the “Order of the Dragons” which exists still today. Dracula is also known by Turks as “Kaziglu Bey”, which then was one of the most feared rulers of Europe. This is what faced a Turkish army who searched for Kaziglu Bey in the regions of Targoviste, Transylvania (today in Romania):

Dracula- “[Sultan Mehmed] marched on for about five kilometers when he saw men impaled; the Sultan's army came across a field of stakes, about three kilometers long and one kilometer wide. And there were large stakes upon which he could see the impaled bodies of men, women, and children, about twenty-thousand of them... And the other Turks, seeing so many people impaled, were scared out of their wits."

The easiest way to describe what Impalement means is to refer to crucifixion, were instead of being nailed to a cross, one nail bodies on a pole thru side, mouth or rectum. I myself have never come near such cruelty as the history of these areas. It’s possible that the connection between the Iron curtain in the regions and the Teutonic knights is far wrong, but as the Teutonic Knights went further north and established a one of the most feared states in Europe I feel it is likely. The head of “Kaziglu Bey” was later shown up on a pole in Constantinople to show the Muslims that he really was gone.

Teutonic State

The knights moved to northern Poland, where they soon created the independent Teutonic Order state. The aggression of the Order posed a threat to the neighboring states, especially Poland and Lithuania. In 1410 at the Battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg), a Polish-Lithuanian army decisively defeated the Order and broke its military power. The power of the Order steadily declined until 1525 when its Grand Master, Albert of Brandenburg, resigned his position, adopted the Lutheran faith and assumed the title of "Duke of Prussia." In a deal partially brokered by Martin Luther, Ducal Prussia became the first Protestant state. The Holy Roman Empire’s ruling house of Habsburg, governed by the Teutonic Order, continued holding claim on Prussia and furnished grandmaster, administrators of Prussia. In 1618 the dukedom of Prussia passed to the senior Hohenzollern branch, the ruling Margraves of Brandenburg whose descendents became the Kings of Prussia in the 18th century. The Grand Masters continued to preside over the Order's considerable holdings in Germany until 1809, when Napoleon ordered its dissolution and the Order lost its last secular holdings. However, the order continued to exist, headed by Habsburgs through the First World War, and today it operates primarily with charitable aims officially.



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