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23 February, 2020
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3. History of Civilization (3.31-3.31.4)
Written by Messiah   
Thursday, 06 July 2006

3.31    Chapter conclusion

3.31.1    From then - thru now - to then

One usually says: - “History repeat itself” and learning from the history make one understands why. Below is the general cycle:

  • Society is unstable.
  • Society unites among the needs of order and leadership.
  • Society elite is formed and continuously enhanced by best practice.
  • Increased stability within society.
  • Citizens loose their fear and become dependent to their own development.
  • Those who have problems to adapt unite under objecting groups.
  • Those groups gain power and unite against the elite.
  • Frustration gains and evolves into conflicts.
  • Society becomes unstable which eventually brings us back to a new cycle in history.

3.31.2    Globalization and the Commonwealth Empire

I fully agree with the known professor Niall C Ferguson and his view about both the Roman- and the British Empire. Beside all the bad records, they did more good to the regions they colonized and to their citizens. Were many rulers in history have tried to establish themselves as the heir of the successful Roman Empire, I would say the British Empire was the only one who actually did it. On the outside, it may seem as the British Empire is gone. Well it is, but the essence of it has evolved into “the commonwealth” empire and even if the Americans (the old thirteen copies of England) don’t like it, they are highly apart of it.

Still based on the 14th century “commonwealth” nobility (explained later), the new world wide commonwealth empire is an “empire of liberation” were the old quote; “Carry the white man’s burden” has evolved thru; “Carry the rich person’s burden” to become; “Carry the understanding mind’s burden”. Discrimination of race, gender and wealth has been replaced by the power of mankind’s intellect. This modern Empire is mastered by the movement of “Anglobalization” which today hasn’t got anything to do with England or United Kingdom as prefix “Anglo” may indicate. In this context the prefix “Anglo” just defines the protocol that is used to communicate. Compared with the word “Globalization”, I would state that “Anglo” defines the platform that makes “Globalization” possible.

3.31.3    The great threats to be watched

The great masses and its movements

The socialistic threat of the masses will continue to exist and will show its presence in many forms. It’s not socialism itself who is the threat; it’s those who appeal to the masses with arguments which only serve as tools to gain power of their own. “Feminism” is such a movement, which can be used to gain power for hidden agendas. I don’t think it’s possible to grow something like Communism of Nazism today when we all are more alert, but I definitely believe similar seeds still exist. I believe extreme ideas, corruption and other evils are a part of our human kind which can’t be erased or fully suppressed.

Faith in the Elite

I agree with Fergusons point about the American “Mission abort” problem which has developed to a world wide problem. Even if the Americans intentions are good, they have lost their own peoples support for long-term conflicts.

According to me, the American society is at a critical stage. It is close to being instable due to internal conflicts regarding religious faith, which is one of the most vital parts of the society. Were the Americans sees themselves as the freest people in the world, I would state that the increased religious influences are about change this dramatically. This could be compared with the execution of Socrates in ancient Greece. We’re not there yet, but as it looks now, the path to it is plotted.

This is a perfect proof of one of the greatest problems with a free society in its organic evolution. By time citizens of such a society loose their faith in the society elite, which create these problems. As mentioned above: - “History repeats itself” and if this development isn’t stopped, a new loop of history is near. It’s inevitable.

Faith in religions

One must confess that it’s obvious that faith shows up as a prominent creator of objecting groups thru history. But don’t blame religion for mankind’s line up beneath leaders of moral and ethics. It’s inevitable. Its how the religious leaders get and handle their positions, which is interesting. Wouldn’t it be great if religions united people instead of separating people with tools of moral and ethics?

3.31.4    The Society and its secrets

One thing in history that comes back, again and again, is the need for secrecy and I foresee that this need will exist until all thoughts are mutually and individually respected and allowed all over the world. To understand why, we know will enlighten us with the existence of secret societies.



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