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23 February, 2020
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3. History of Civilization (3.29.6-3.29.9)
Written by Messiah   
Thursday, 06 July 2006

3.29.6    Dan Brown and other eye openers

I must mention Dan Browns book “The Da Vinci Code” as a historical event, just because it has caused so much attention. One can wonder why as it is really just another book in the shelf. I along with many others find something beyond the book and its story that raise questions and that’s what’s interesting. It’s not about the possible truths in the book. It’s more about the history itself. One gets the feeling that, Dan Brown, Simon Cox and others knocks on the door to something big. A feeling which seems to well directed to be coming from them. It’s like there is some other force or power who want to raise the masses understanding of the history, without stepping on to many and to big toes at once. The Catholics negative response towards the “Da Vinci Code” is evidence enough for me and many others to get even more interested.

A commonly used line: - “History is written by the winners.”

Looking at the fact that the Catholic Church really revised and recanted its version (the history) of Mary Magdalene as a prostitute in 1969 was my own trigger that initiated the work with this dossier. The bloodline path itself, which the Da Vinci Code is built around, however, was not the primary reason, which one would understand by now.

3.29.7    World trade center attack 9/11

The many years of instability in the Middle East since the end of World War II peaked when the giant shock strike against the heart of the free world was committed. Many of us citizens of the Western world had put the thought of this type of terror in our homeland aside long time ago. The obvious became clear; the fundamental class differences in the world must be handled or else this type of anger will most probably increase in the future. Strikes at Madrid in 2004 and London in 2005 act as evidence that the target is the western civilization and not just the USA, which some say. This may seem radical, but looking at it from another view, the strikes come very suitable in times when the leaders of the world need support from the masses. It is a dangerous game to host different thoughts about the background of the strikes. Conspiracy theorists dwell in such and I, myself; have problems to fully reject them. However, again, by linking them to conspiracy theories instead of terrorism one just commits another mistake. If I would have been a fundamental terrorist, I would definitely have done other things. But, I don’t think like such, which disqualifies my own judgment, I hope.

More about so called “False flag” operations later in this dossier.

3.29.8    Eastern renaissance and reformation

Along with the terrorism threat, the world countries show a dramatic increase in supporting the Middle East states renaissance and reformation process. It’s a difficult process which probably will take many years. But as soon as it is rooted, which I think it already is, the progress will follow an inevitable path towards “westernalization”, if there is such a word. History has done it many times and I have problems to predict any exception in this case. The longer it takes to align all involved in the process, the greater frustration will be built up and on the other side a cultural evolution can’t be forced thru to quickly as it may create even greater frustration.

During my own growth from childhood to an adult, I’ve heard continuous complains about the fast development in society. One can mention countless of stuff that before was “not needed”, but today is considered “vital”. Having this in mind one can imagine what enormous development speed the Eastern world will face and the frustration that comes with it.

The Baltic countries, since the fall of communism, have just begun walking on the inevitable path and beside all peaks of good and bad I dwell in happiness thinking of their courage and future. It’s a feeling of happiness that I can’t wait to share with the Middle East states.

On the 25th Oct 2005 - Iraq officially approved the new drafted constitution. Wow, this really gave hope to the process! Even if there is a long way to stability, these first few steps are be most worth taking. The cost has been high, as soldiers and civilians from many nations have paid with their lives. All involved, no matter of which side their on, will forever be printed in one of the most vital parts of modern history. Maybe as great as when Constantinople’s Church was forked from of the Roman Catholic Church.

This eastern renaissance certainly is moving forward with tremendous speed. I must put my finger on a great example of this movement - the DOHA Debates. These debates run by BBC World, localized Qatar (Middle East) and broadcasted worldwide, certainly have created a free speech forum for constructive discussions regarding all the vital questions of life in the centre of Middle East. Quotation from DOHA page on Internet:

- “The purpose of the Doha Debates is to allow a public exploration of the important issues in the Arab and Islamic worlds and apply the principles of free speech and democratic decision-making through the use of this traditional debating format.  The purpose is also to create a sense of social responsibility that will carry through to real life.”

3.29.9    G8 and Live8

Now, this is an interesting combination. The so called “Group of Eight” (G8) consists of seven (!) of the world's leading industrialized nations: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America + Russia.

The combination of world leaders (G8) and the Bob Geldofs event named “Live8” can’t be seen as anything else but a well directed combination. However, Geldofs energy which blomstered in 1985s “Live Aid” wasn’t really there during “Live8”. One can wonder if the reason is that he is 20 years older or if he does share the same enthusiasm when being just a square in a chessboard of events?

Who directs such a combination? Who came up with the idea to put Paul Hewson alias U2/Bono as head of the World Bank? One can wonder? It’s to complex to think either positive or negative thoughts about why these combinations appear. Some refer to G8 as the world leadership and relate the “G” in G8 to the “G” in the Freemason logo. I think this is an interesting thought, but can it serve as evidence for the great conspiracy? No!

It may serve as evidence that the gap between the elite and the grassroots has decreased to a level were almost anyone can be apart of the world leadership elite, which is good. Bono’s tremendous work with aid, may serve as evidence that global humanity is possible. So maybe it’s just another step on the inevitable path to award him with a square in the chessboard of the world elite.



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