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23 February, 2020
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3. History of Civilization (3.29-3.29.5)
Written by Messiah   
Thursday, 06 July 2006

3.29    World line up

No dought that governments around the world have understood that working together is the only way forward. However, no one has the correct path written down and we’re all in the hands of ourselves and our elite.

3.29.1    United Nations initiated

United Nations was established in October, 1945 as a post war institution were nations could meet and line up their paths with each others. Conspiracy theorists claim UN along with numerous Think tanks and other extremist groups host the great conspiracy. It’s an interesting thought, but such a conclusion is most likely made up of people who find a united world to be a threat to them. Criminals, extremists and religious fanatics are possible dictators of such a conclusion. However, UN has had problems since its creation and will have problems in the future also. To understand why, one must understand more about society and the human mind.

3.29.2    Powers of the world: UN, USA, EU, CIS, CN

  • United Nations (UN): “Guardians of the Global Society”
  • United States of America (USA): “Guardians of the Anti- Empire ideology”
  • European Union (EU): “Peacemakers of the World”
  • Britain, Australia & Canada: “Guardians of the Commonwealth ideology”
  • Commonwealth of Nations (CN): “British Empire successor”
  • Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS): “Soviet Union successor”

The above unions, working tightly together, constitute almost total control of the world today. Beside these unions we have China and Middle East states.

China is probably today’s biggest mindbender, which may develop to become the worlds last large scale geographical conflict. Their mass population and low cost production is by many seen as a threat to world stability. My guess is that China, in short term, will become a close friend with Russia, which could raise an east - west conflict again, but hopefully instead it will establish stable relations within the CIS and the rest of the world.

The Middle East conflicts may seem large scale, but are in fact not a big threat to world stability. Not in the sense of states and population. The Eastern renaissance and reformation is ongoing and is in many cases pushed to the limits by other frustrated powers in the world. The biggest reason for that is because the Middle East hosts religious conflicts, which may cause a longer path towards global stability. My guess is that we will se a Commonwealth union of Middle East initiative, were a reformed Iraq may get a prominent role. I see a bright future of states and governments in the world. However, I also see a clouded future in the power of the mind.

3.29.3    Media take over

Conflicts since World War II faced an increased media cover which led to a new factor to handle within conflicts. Media’s coverage changed the opinion, which was reflected onto politics which later changed the war itself. Media’s role has increased over the time and the understanding of how to handle this the best way has put brilliant minds over the globe into deep thoughts. I don’t think one never will find a best practice, other than not bringing the media into the conflicts, which may cause even bigger effects. Media is here to stay and along with the Internet revolution, the gap between the elites and the grassroots has dramatically decreased.

3.29.4    Think tanks

The so called “Think tanks” are organizations and groups who combine, process and present their own view of a specific subject. Most of them call themselves researchers, but in many cases they are just a group of intellectuals with a fancy name. The term “Think tank” comes from the 1950s and is by many believed to go hand in hand with the media revolution as it then became hard to handle complex questions. It can be seen as: “it’s easier to blame a Think tank for a bad decision than take the blame yourself”. The rapid increase of using Think tanks by the elite creates thoughts about who actually runs the society. Some relate Think tanks directly to secret Orders like the Illuminati and the Freemasons and even to be successors to intelligence organizations from the Cold War.

The “Bilderberg Group” is a well known Think tank, who conspiracy theorists point out as being involved in the great conspiracy. Combined by rich and powerful individuals of the globe like for example: Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Queen Beatrix, Bill Gates and Carlos M. Collazo. The group’s activities, meetings and agendas have always been surrounded with great secrecy.

However, as usual, mapping the Bilderberg Group to the great conspiracy is yet another misconception normally created by those who fear a working and equal rights society the most.

3.29.5    The World Peace Day – 21st of September

One can truly make a difference. The British director Jeremy Gilley launched a film project in 1999, to document a journey from nothing to the establishment of world peace. The project which started as an idea, which even Jeremy himself doubted would work, soon evolved into a world wide accepted Peace Day.

Stories like this one really create hope for mankind. However, even if I feel that this is one of the right moves, I fully agree with Ahmad Fawzi, Director of the News & Media Division UN DPI in the final scene: - “People have to get up and say that they want peace. But they also need to understand the cultures that form conflicts, in which they possibly without knowing it are apart of”. I think, to be able to create world peace, we must confront the dark history once and for all and agree on from a certain time in the future to begin to look forward with a sense of not blaming one and other of things done in the past, but instead concentrate on trusting each others in the future. I think the religious leaders of the world, which are the major cultural formers, need to go first in this mission and especially the Roman Catholic Church as their moral and ethic judgments has spread most suffering in history. Even today they divide people using their old methods. Homosexuality and abortion are only two of many areas in were their statements create conflicts, instead of spreading words that unify people. Religion should not be propaganda machinery. I think its here we have to start. Either we must create state borders for religions with dividing spiritualism, which most likely is impossible, or they have to learn to understand how the world is created by the Lord Almighty. The world has grown from its childhood and does not longer need the old doctrines used by religious leaders. Its time for the religious leaders to understand that they also need to follow the world as it ages. If those old holy writings instead had been written now, what would they have contained? If one think that anyone of those old profound individuals, who wrote the sacred texts, would liked that their ideas was used to create disorder and conflicts, I guess we never will be able to create peace on earth.

Please you religious leaders of the world, grow up. We need you to guide mankind, but not if you do not understand your own responsibilities.



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