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23 February, 2020
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3. History of Civilization (3.27.8-3.28.3)
Written by Messiah   
Thursday, 06 July 2006

3.27.8    State of Israel

Since approximately 1200BC a series of Jewish kingdoms and states existed in the region. But during the total failure in the so called “Great Jewish Revolt” against the Roman Empire around year 70 resulted in a wide scale expulsion of the Jews. Thru over the centuries they did immigrate back to the region and in year 1881 20-25.000 inhabitants out of 470.000 were Jews. Since World War I the Zionism movement among the Jews worked constantly with the British Empire to get their own state in the region. In 1917 the “Balfour Declaration” endorsed a Jewish homeland in Palestine. No real state, but better than nothing. This increased the immigration to the new Jewish homeland. The raise of Nazism created waves of immigrations to the region and by the end of the World War II the number of Jews were about 600.000. The number of Jews in the region caused increased violence between Jews and Arabs. In 1948 UN Declared the State of Israel in the territory formerly known as Palestine. Israel is the only Jewish state in the world and about 80% of the inhabitants are Jewish and the rest is Arabs and Christians. The state of Israel and the surrounding region is still today a conflict, both territorial and religious. Freemason activity within Israel seems common, which by conspiracy theorists of course is mapped to be apart of the great conspiracy. In fact Freemasons themselves claims to have been involved when King Salomon’s Temple was built in around 950 BC.

3.27.9    Splitting up Europe and the “Cold War”

Parallel to the progress of the war, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin met in Yalta in southern Ukraine, February the 4th 1945. The result of the so called “Yalta Conference” was a Europe divided by east and west, but also the institution of United Nations. It was obvious that West didn’t trust the East and vise versa. The controversies around and after this conference by time led to the so called “Cold War”, which was a mind war led by intelligence agencies.

The secret operation named “Gladio” was a NATO and CIA sponsored initiative, which today is known to have been a “stay-behind” operation, were agents were left in the Eastern parts after the war to infiltrate society for intelligence purposes. Both sides became almost paralyzed by the threat of undercover agents within their territory. Secret police institutions like the KGB, FBI, Stasi and Securitate were initiated in both the eastern and western countries with the task to find and eliminate initiatives just like the operation “Gladio”. This led to persecution of civilians within almost all nations of the world. The social ideology of the East made this threat enormous which was reflected in the actions against the local citizens. The history of the USA citizens Ethel and Julius Rosenberg is just one of countless examples from the Western side. Thinking of the secret police institutions and their work during the “Cold War” really give the shivers.

Of course this could not last for long. In the early 1980s Lech Walesa, in Poland, initiated a wave of Solidarity within the communism world. He was awarded with the Nobel Peace Price in 1983. His work with the “Solidarity Trade Union” is by many seen as one of the big triggers that led to the fall of the Berlin wall in November 1989. The fall of the wall became the official acknowledge that once again we, the citizens of our societies, had won another great mind battle against a corrupt elite.

3.28    Other Important Powers

Great Moravia along with Bulgarian-, Swedish- and the Venetian Empire are all Empires that have influenced the development of European and ultimately the Global Society. But, I have left them out of this dossier. I am sorry to say that I also have left Japan, China, Arabia and India out of this dossier. There is a lot to tell about the history surrounding these large powers, both in politics and view of life, but time has limited my work on the history part of the dossier.

3.28.1    Future more interesting than the past

Don’t take me wrong, but it is among my greatest beliefs that the future of these powers are more interesting than their past. The development in east Europe sure is interesting and hopeful. I think many citizens of these parts will, in the next 10-20 years, experience what the western Europe have experienced between the 70’s and the 90’s. The feeling I get when writing this, is the type of envy that we all experience when we are about to watch one of those really great movies for the second time, together with someone who hasn’t seen it at all. Japan is already a great power and highly involved on the international arena. Arabia, which I think has been suppressed in history, will most likely regain much of their historical pride as the masses get more interested in history.

3.28.2    China will fall before year 2020

China… China… China… Well I don’t think I underestimate the world elites when I speak about China as the most interesting part of the world today, in terms of society development. I guess it is Chinas leadership which is the key to the wide interest. A leadership which appeals too many of the, to history, known negative words as: Communism, dictatorship, iron fist autocracy. This along with the enormous economical growth is really a dangerous walk on a sharp edge.

However, China has shown signs of relaxation and hopefully they will understand that they have to do something like what the Roman Emperor Augustus did when he, to ensure himself a different destiny than Caesar, offered his extraordinary powers back to the senate. This act made him one of the greatest leaders of history. I predict a dramatic change of Chinas leadership before year 2020, either by a reform initiated by the leaders themselves or by some kind of revolution. My hope is that China leaders signals to the world that they have understood how the world works and that they have initiated a reformation process which will turn the republic of China into a federation or at least a federal republic. And I think they will, and maybe sooner than we can expect. I think there is a possibility that China will use the possibility and present a “new China” when they have the whole world’s media machinery in Beijing for the XXIX Olympic Games 2008. Of course such an act would be met with doubt and suspiciousness. But if they play their cards wisely, they may pull it of. If they are smart and really want to gain the greatest global respect, I think they could boost their reform with an announcement that they plan to, in cooperation with Russia, US and EU, form a “Commonwealth of Asia” initiative. An initiative which, if successful, would lead to the third large “Commonwealth” union after “Commonwealth of Nations” and the “Commonwealth of Independent states”. Hopefully Iraq will play major a role in possible a forth “Commonwealth” union of the Middle East. If than isn’t a bright solution for the future global society, then what!!?

3.28.3    A new society model?

Yes, I think it’s likely that China may challenge the world with a new model of society. Think of a society divided in two. One part, the major, free and democratic and one structured and controlled, both supervised by a top Elite. As citizen of the controlled parts one would get all types of benefits and possibilities, which would encourage the membership which anyone can apply for. The backside would be that you are bound to follow the detailed laws and regulations. If you do not, membership will be questioned.

Such a model of society would have a motto such as: “It is as easy to be free in a controlled world as it is to be enslaved in a free”. The key to success in such a challenge would be the top Elite and its abilities to gain public and world trust. If it would be composed by selected leaders of both the controlled and the democratic side and if it would use a sort of public domain openness, I think it may be very successful. I even think such a society model quickly would spread to other parts of the world, especially as the controlled areas easily would integrate with other controlled areas that follow the same type of laws and regulations. The main reason to the success would be that it’s easier to create a new controlled society, than it is to convert one into be controlled, which seems to be popular these days all over the globe. The launch of such society model would be presented to the world as an idea, a test, as no society model yet has been fully successful, someone has to try and China today have both the strength and courage to do it.



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