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15 October, 2019
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Latest thoughts
(Monday, 18 September 2006) Written by Christina
A few days ago Pope Benedictus publicly quoted the 14th-century Byzantine emperor, Manuel II Paleologus ("Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread the sword by the faith he preached"). Due to massive Islamic agression about this, yesterday he (the Pope) explained that the intention of quoting Paleologus was to initiate a dialoge between Islam and Christianity - NOT the increase the agression in between. My thought: "I get scared thinking of the Pope, that his role still exist in our modern society and if he isn't mature enough to handle these big questions within a global society." /Christina
(Wednesday, 28 June 2006) Written by Carol
I think it's amazing how Internet evolves these days. In fact beeing able to just share a simple thought like this, which automaticly becomes readable in Chinese, Arabic, Japanese amon others languages really makes my brain overheated by thoughts about how the future will be... Thanks for a great place surf on at the net... \Carol
What is you dangerous idea?
(Wednesday, 03 May 2006) Written by The Saint
Could we image ourselves living in a world without divine religions and instead equally share love, affinity, harmony? Yes, I'm sure of it!
Intelligent Design
(Thursday, 20 April 2006) Written by Madre Mia
For some, "ID", has become an alternative to Darwin's evolution. I agree that intellegence plays a key role in evolution. However, my own thought about it is that "ID" instead should be spelled "DI", as it's more likely that its the design that has evolved intelligence. So, in easier terms, "ID" or "DI", simply defines Intelligence as apart of the evolution model of Darwin. This would also answer the question on why evolution of intelligence follows a logaritmic pattern. \Madre
There is no truth!
(Tuesday, 18 April 2006) Written by Messiah
To seek the so called "truth" is just a bad excuse for seeking acknowledge for own answers concerning subjects that is important for oneself. One may think that red is red, but red is just a word. Truth has nothing todo with red. The word "red" is just the generally accepted description for the color of something that is colored "red". However, "generally" isn't a 100% cover, which defines the matter as a non truth. Using the same argumentation, one would accept that God exists for those who belive he does if one also accept that something that is red, is the truth. If you thought that you could prove that God doesn't exist, then you have a lot to learn about truth. Instead of seeking the truth, one should seek understandning. However, basic understanding about understanding is that it's based on experience instead of knowledge. This mean that those of us, rationals, who argue about the "red truth" and normally refer to research and statistics, aren't even playing the game on our home arena. In this game we have a lot to learn from those we most often find ourselves agrueing against. Even a fool would understand that this would not lead anywere. So, is there a truth? Well, the dossier will help you understand more... \Messiah P.s. With this small "thought" I have initiated the "Thoughts" area of this homepage and soon you will be able to share your own thoughts here...

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